Messenger changing in March

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 The Meade County Messenger and MCKY will be going through some changes when March rolls around.

 In our print edition, we will be updating how we highlight what stories are inside the paper. Rather than having preview images going down the side of the front page, we will be consolidating that information and putting it at the top or bottom of the page. This will allow us more space on the front page for great photos and great articles, while still allowing the readership to see what’s inside the paper.

 We have also been flooded with public input in the form of Letters to the Editor. While we want to encourage this type of public involvement and opinion sharing, we will be changing our rules for submissions. Though we’ve had a word limit for some time, we have always allowed letters that exceeded our word limit to be published. This will no longer be the case. Beginning in March, letters must be under 500 words for publication consideration. This will allow us more space to publish more Letters, while still giving the writers enough room to express their opinions. You can email letters to the editor to If you have an opinion that cannot fit within the 500-word limit, you can take advantage of our Discussion Board on our website, We will also be adhering to our 21 day limit very strictly, a limit we have ignored recently in order to clear up the backlog of submissions.

 For the last few weeks, all of our news stories have been available on our website,, for free. Beginning on March 5, we will be restructuring our online subscription model. For readers that only want online access to either the e-edition or individual stories, we will be reducing our price from $29 per year to $20 per year. For the month of March, we will also be offering a special discount of a full year of online content for $15. That’s less than half of one cent per day for local news. Alternatively, readers can pay $5 per month if they would prefer a month-to-month option without a year-long commitment.

 Though we will begin charging for news stories beginning in March, the rest of the website will remain free. You will not have to pay to participate in the discussion board, marketplace, or find resources about the county.

 In the future, we hope you will come to see our new MCKY venture as the “hub” of Meade County. It is a place where you can voice your opinions on local topics, or perhaps sell some things you no longer need. We will even have a “Community Calendar” that our local schools, or their sports teams, can upload schedules to so that everyone will know when a public social event is going on. There will also be a free “Business Directory” to help you find your local Meade County merchants.

 MCKY is going to strive to meet the Meade County community’s needs because we are Meade County residents who care about everyone around us.

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