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Minister’s Corner

Pastor Ryan Franks

Journey Church

 As a believer in Christ, I am humbly reminded that Church service is not necessarily built for my own personal growth every Sunday. Does that seem weird? I definitely get as much as I put in, but could there be more? Is there more than just attending a service, life group, men’s bible study or something else? 

 The question we must ask ourselves as believers is “could my attendance be used for someone else or to build the Kingdom of God?” What if my attendance was used to strengthen or encourage someone who doesn’t know the Lord but shows up for the first time? Perhaps to hear a word from the Lord and relay that message to someone struggling? But in order to be used like this, we must: 

 Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name. Psalm 100:4 NLT 

 Before we head to church, it is paramount that we’re prayed up, made peace with our week, given all our worries and anxiousness to the Lord and asked the Spirit to prepare our hearts for what we’re about to hear through fellowship, worship and the message. Then and only then are we truly ready to receive what God has for us. But in all honesty, we should treat everyday like Sunday.

   How often do we barely roll in, check the kids in, find a seat and instantly start thinking about lunch? Imagine how much we have missed God’s calling and anointing because we’re not ready to receive or to be used because we think Sunday is about us? This weekend, be sure to attend your local church, get your heart, mind and soul in a place to receive and remember it’s not about us, but about building the Kingdom of God.