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Minister's Corner

Deacon Mike Jones:

Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church


 We’re about two months away from high school and college graduation season. It’s a very exciting and stressful time for students, teachers and parents. Our prayers are with all our young people as they make the move into jobs or college

or some new chapter in their lives.

 There’s an online company called Brand Yourself that claims it has the perfect graduation gift for high school and college students. It’s called the “Student Makeover.” It’s not a beauty and grooming service. It’s an online service for cleaning up your social media profiles. For $99, the company will scour all your social media profiles---Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.—and remove what it calls, “risky online references to sex, alcohol, drugs, politics, religion and more.” The company also does an in-depth search of the Internet to compile a “reputation score” for each client. The reputation score shows you how “clean” or “questionable” your online reputation is, and what steps you can take to delete troubling posts or pictures.

 Most of us know what it’s like to do some foolish or crazy stuff in our younger years. Those of us who grew up in a time before social media can leave those regrets in the past because there aren’t a lot of photos or posts about it. But these days a person’s whole life, every random thought and emotion and insensitive joke and embarrassing picture, can wind up online. And it’s nearly impossible to take this stuff back, unless you hire a company like Brand Yourself to delete most of it. So be careful.

 God only wrote one ending to the story of humanity. God knew we could not achieve holiness on our own. All of us have fallen short of God’s glory. That is the first thing we see in this passage.

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