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“Take courage it is I, do not be afraid.” Matthew 14:27

 The story of Jesus walking on water in the fourteenth chapter in Matthews Gospel is one of the more frequently discussed miracles Jesus preformed while he was with us here in person. The dialogue many times goes something like this: “maybe he was actually in very shallow water standing on rocks or could be, he was standing on a sandbar of some sort.” I’m always entertained when people want to second guess the stories about the divinity of Jesus. Of course he could walk on water, he is God!

 The real story though was the fact that Peter couldn’t and Jesus appears to find fault with him because he faltered. But, if you read the story a little closer it sounds to me like Jesus really didn’t expect Peter to walk on water anyway, but, he did expect Peter to have enough trust and faith in him to come to his aid, instead the fear that Peter apparently displayed thinking maybe that Jesus wouldn’t.

 That may be the lesson for us today as we work our way through this pandemic. These are anxious times no doubt, but fear, is unlikely to solve many, if any our concerns. Courage, practical steps, and faith in our loving God is what Jesus was probably trying to teach his disciples then and that could be his message for us now. If we try to it all on our own, without reaching out to God for help, we may really have something to fear.

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