Minister’s Corner: Out in the cold

Kevin Hatfield

Tabernacle of Worship

The brisk cold wind brushed across his cheeks reminding him it was winter as he got out of the car. It had been 18 hours since he started his trip home for Christmas leave. Still dressed in his uniform the soldier grabbed his bag and started up the ice covered sidewalk towards the door.

The porch light was on but the light barely outlined the sidewalk through the dark. The faint snow blew wistfully across his path as he approached the house he grew up in. It’s been just over a year since he had been home, and although every tree, limb, and bush were familiar, it all seemed so distant. He was both excited and nervous at the same time. Just before he got to the door it flew open as if an explosion had erupted somewhere inside and pushed it out to the limits of the hinges.

“Uncle Chris!! Uncle Chris!! You made it! You made it!”

His heart melted as his nephew jumped from the porch and he barely had time to catch him as he leaped into his arms as his bag fell into the snow. Some how everything that troubled him from the past year’s deployment washed away in an instant, and at least for now, the world was once again right. He was home.

The Christmas story we heard as a child growing up, either from the familiar ‘Charlie Brown’s Christmas’ or Luke Chapter 2 in the Bible, is being read or told by parents and family across our great country and around the world again this year. The stories of shepherds and a bright star recorded in scripture tell us something so much deeper.

Much like Chris’s nephew, God’s love is always waiting for us. No matter how far we are out in the cold, He jumps to embrace us. All we have to do is come home, and walk towards the door.

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