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Mofield gets 100th Greenwave win


Sports Reporter

The 2020 Football season has been one for the books. The Meade County High School Greenwave

football team has had a long season. This year has been filled with cancellations and restrictions, but started off on a high note, only to be followed by a disappointing mid-season, and now seems to be finishing out on a high note again. If you were to ask any of the players or coaches on the team about their season, their answer would be the same — way too many losses.

This team has never given up, and they have continued to give their all every time they took the field of play. When it mattered the most, they came together as a team to win their last two regular season games, which qualified them for the Class 6A playoffs beginning on Nov 20. Meade’s (3-5) first round opponent matched them up against Central Hardin (1-4). In their regular season matchup, Central beat Meade 38-18, but this is a playoff game. This is not the same Meade County team Central saw back in October. Meade’s offense has improved since the last time these two teams met, and they made sure that Central’s defense got a good dose of payback.

In the first quarter, Meade controlled the ball using their running game to pound the ball down the field

for first downs, mixing in a pass play when they needed a little extra yardage. But once they got to within striking distance of the goal line, the offense just could not seem to find the hole to punch into the endzone, which resulted in a turnover on downs. It took Meade’s offense little time in the second quarter to get their feet under them as they moved the ball down field. Meade scored first with 10:33

left when senior Austin Oppel blasted through a hole made by seniors Eli Ridgeway and Bryant Rhoades for a 30-yard touchdown run. With the extra point good, Meade took the 7-0 lead.

Meade’s defense was also finding their groove as they continued to hold Central off. With Meade’s defense keeping Central’s offense grounded, they stopped any momentum they built after getting a first down. But Central was able to get to within field goal range late in the second quarter to get on the board with a 23-yarder to bring the score to 7-3 before the half.

Coach Mofield was pleased at the way the team came out and played during the first half.

“Our seniors have really been resilient these last few weeks, and I couldn’t be prouder of them the way they’ve shown up and really played well,” Head Coach Larry Mofield said of these senior leaders. “At this

point in the year, style points doesn’t really matter as long as we can come away with the win. We’ve had a hard time finishing, but these kid