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More Connecting of the Dots

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Last week, you had the opportunity to see the first page of the 2010 tax return for the Meade County Fair Inc. Enough information was shared that, if you were able, you could have researched, read and deduced for yourself the M.O. of the “President” of the Fair Board, as evidenced in the last page of the return. In the event, you were unable to research the tax return for yourself, the two pages have been included in this article for your review.

 This week, you are looking at page 6 and page 20 of the same return. I have referenced for you #1 on page 2 that corresponds with #1 on Schedule O and #2 on each page corresponds with one another. If you take the time to review all of the “NO” answers, you will find several questionable responses. Pay attention to lines that were not answered. Of particular interest is the response to question #20. It is clear from his statements on Form O that this was the first time the “non-profit” filed the required returns, and they were filed two years later than required by Federal law. Why was this the only year the returns were filed? Why was this “non-profit” put on a Federal list stating “A current revocation appears on the IRS revocation list Revoked: Sunday, March 15, 2015?” It is important that you remember this was a 2010 return and seems to be the only year the “not for profit -501 (c) (3)” was filed. It seems apparent, this Tax Exempt Corporation has not filed a return since this one was filed back in 2012. Why? Where is the oversight of this Non-Profit organization? Who is tasked with the responsibility of turning in the necessary tax documentation? Who signs the checks written from the account (assuming there is one)? Or better yet, who cashes and/or endorses checks when fees or rentals are paid. What about all the steel beams being stored on Fair property...Are they stored there for free since the same person is “President/Director” of both organizations?

 Seems likely that is a well-coordinated move between the two since both entities have the same common denominator. If no storage fees are being collected, who will pay to have the ruts and other destructive actions repaired to the Fairground property? Is this man channeling Houdini and orchestrating the greatest smoke and mirror act ever? He has been playing in the NUCOR deal, the Fair deal, the Solar deal(s), the Eddie Kane Steel deal, the Industrial & Riverport Authority, and works for the Meade County RECC, (which has a “No Conflict” clause written into their conditions for employment). Next week, more dot connections, stay tuned.

 P.S. With all the accolades said about this guy and all that he has/is supposedly doing for Meade County, I vote we change the name of the park, or the road formerly known as Olin Road, to D.P. Way.