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Mother charged with complicity to murder released after judge lowers bond

Kayla Irwin (left) walked out of the MC Detention Center Monday after a judge lowered her bond on the complicity to murder charge she faces related to her son’s death.



On Monday, Aug. 22, Kayla D. Irwin was released from the Meade County Detention after a judge amended her bond from $250,000 full cash to 10 percent cash of the $250,000 and an ankle monitor. Despite being charged with complicity to murder in her 5 year-old son’s death, the judge allowed her to only pay $25,000 of her quarter of a million dollar bond. The Meade County Detention Center could not provide a monitor due to the inmate’s desire to return to Indiana where she is from which would not allow for adequate monitoring. Irwin was able to find a facility in Indiana which will provide monitoring.

Irwin was arrested on Jan. 12 along with her boyfriend, Daniel R. Clemans, after the death of her son. On Jan. 10, Meade County Sheriff’s Deputies and EMS responded to a residence on Greer Rd. in Payneville after a 911 call went out that a 5 year-old boy was not breathing that was in the care of Clemans at the time. The young boy died while being transported to Harrison County Hospital. The Harrison County Coroner’s Office ruled the cause of death to be blunt force trauma. Both Irwin and Clemans are scheduled to be back in court on Nov. 17 for status hearings.