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Motion hour held for LTGGA lawsuit

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 On Jan. 9, Judge Bruce Butler heard a motion from the attorneys for the Lincoln Trail Grain Growers Association, a non-profit Kentucky corporation, requesting a temporary restraining order or a temporary injunction to prevent the closure of Consolidated Grain and Barge on Jan. 31.

 In March of last year, Nucor announced they would invest $1.35 billion in a steel facility in Brandenburg at the riverport site. This development would mean the relocation of CGB, a grain elevator that gave farmers an outlet to get their goods to market without traveling to Owensboro or Jeffersonville, Ind.

 The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, alleges that the Meade County Fiscal Court, Meade County Riverport Authority and Meade County/Brandenburg Industrial Development Authority have conducted the Nucor transaction in a manner that has violated certain statutory and constitutional laws. The suit requests that the Court declare the Nucor transaction unlawful and void and enjoin any acts in furtherance of the Nucor transaction.

 Counsel representing CGB, Anthony Raluy, filed an objection to the motion, saying that the proposed temporary injunction and restraining order is unsupported by any legal or factual basis. The objection asserts that LTGGA lacks standing, cannot “force” CGB to operate the grain facility in a manner that is not commercially viable, and failed to post a surety bond as required by CR 66.05.

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