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My Apologies...Mr. Hobbs

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 When I read the “Letter to the Editor” in last week’s paper, I could not help but laugh! After reading it a second time I felt sadness about the ridiculousness of the writer’s assertions.

 She obviously spent a significant amount of time investigating her theories (yes I am being sarcastic) and in some twisted way she actually believes her own entertainingly false claims.

 I do feel bad for the accusations she made towards a staff writer of this paper. To accuse him of being the person behind the Doyle name, is asinine ,but that is okay. She has the right to be wrong and it is quite obvious she has exercised her rights.

 To degrade Mr. Hobbs by claiming he is behind my writings is irresponsible! Mr. Hobbs has a very professional literary style that shows each and every week in the great articles he produces and we enjoy.

 Chad, please accept my apologies for the irresponsible quibbling of another amateur sleuth.

 To the sadly mistaken writer I ask:

 Why is the identity of a guest Op-Ed more important to you than the content of my writings? Do you not care about being lied to?

 Do you not care that things have been done that resulted in innocent members of our community being manipulated? Do you not care that lies are being passed off as truths? Do you not care that a widow was strong-armed into accepting a settlement after being lied to again and again? Do you not care that people in positions of power used those positions to intimidate citizens?

 Do you not care that your elected Commonwealth Attorney used the power of his position to push a widow into signing papers that should never have been written in the first place? Do you not care that this same person weaponized members of the Grand Jury and made false accusations regarding their role in issuing a subpoena? Do you not care that your State Rep. has, on more than one occasion, been found to have been less than forthright in her claims?

 No, you only care about the identity of one Conrad Doyle...Sad!