Naked man tased by law enforcement

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Meade County Messenger and MCKY News was sent this video of what appears to be a naked man being tased by a law enforcement official. More details to come!


The following video contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some viewers and is not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

 Staff Report

 A naked man was tased and arrested on Nov. 21 in Brandenburg.

 According to law enforcement officials, Meade County Dispatch received a 911 call from the area of Darnall Ave. in Brandenburg. The caller advised that a naked man was carrying items from his apartment out into the yard, exposing himself to children and adults in the area.

 A deputy arrived on scene to find a naked adult male, identified as Timothy Earl Richmond, walking towards him from a pile of garbage in the yard. The deputy asked Richmond what he was doing and why he was naked. Richmond allegedly stated, “I haven’t broken the law and I’m a free man of God and not ashamed of what he gave me.”

 The deputy told Richmond to turn around and put his feet together and his hands behind his back. Richmond asked why. The deputy informed him that they had received multiple complaints about him. The deputy advised Richmond that he could not be naked outside.

 Richmond then allegedly balled up his fist in an aggressive manner and began to yell at the deputy and curse about God and how he was going into the house and the deputy was supposed to protect him. The deputy began to back up, and Richmond took one step towards him. The deputy advised Richmond to back up, then deployed his taser.

 After being tased and falling to the ground, Richmond was told to roll over. He refused. Other deputies arrived and tried to roll him over, and the deputy cycled his taser one more round. After the cycle, Richmond still wouldn’t give officers his hands or roll over. Kentucky State Police and Brandenburg Police arrived and were able to roll Richmond onto his stomach. Richmond still refused to give officers his hands. Loud verbal commands were given to Richmond multiple times.

 After multiple closed fist strikes and knee strikes, as well as a drive stun by state police, law enforcement officials were able to place Richmond in handcuffs and transport him to the Meade County Detention Center.

 An individual that lived near the area advised that he had found an AR-15 inside a dumpster. When Richmond was asked if he threw his guns away, he said yes. He stated that the police could keep them and that he doesn’t need them anymore. He also stated that he was sorry and not as innocent as he first thought he was. He then stated that he was coming down from cannabis. Richmond was charged with first-degree indecent exposure, public intoxication, second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, and resisting arrest.

On Nov. 22, during cell checks at the detention center, Richmond began assaulting two deputies. While other deputies from within the jail came to assist in restraining Richmond, dispatch was notified and asked for assistance. Three deputies from the Meade County Sheriff’s Office and one officer from Brandenburg Police responded to the detention center. Richmond was restrained by deputies and placed in a restraint chair. EMS transported two jail deputies by ambulance to Baptist Hospital in Elizabethtown. Both deputies were later released from the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. Richmond was cleared by EMS. Richmond is now facing additional charges ranging from attempted murder to second-degree assault.

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