No internet at your house = no transparency


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


 For some, if not most, the following information is boring but you need to understand how HB-195, if passed, will affect your right to know, and the avenue by which you will be informed, of local & state activities, meetings, expenditures and new tax ordinances. You are witnessing the death of the whole "transparency" theory! Government is only as transparent as you can afford to pay.

 Wikipedia defines government transparency as meaning open and easy access to meetings and key information, such as financial statements. People often associate government transparency with the federal or even state governments. Transparency, in theory, means all government entities operate in such a way that it is EASY for others to see what actions are performed.

 Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.

 The only reason you are just now learning of this proposed change in the way you are currently informed of changes to or alterations of our KY Constitution as it applies to the required method of communication by local governmental agencies, is that I pay monthly for internet access and equipment.

 BOTTOM LINE: YOU MUST HAVE INTERNET AND COMPUTER ACCESS if you want to know anything about what your local officials are doing or planning to do. Right now, by law, they are required to publish/advertise in a local newspaper.

 If this bill passes, (all indications are that we received a special Valentine on Thursday, February 13, 2020 - it was posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Friday, February 14, 2020) you will no longer be informed as previously required.

 Our KY Constitution lays out the requirements governing the how, what and when of information dissemination to keep constituents informed as to planned meetings, taxes and spending of those tax dollars.

 Definition as used in KRS 424.110 to 424.370: (1) "Publication area" means the city, county, district, or other local area for which an advertisement is required by law to be made. An advertisement shall be deemed to be for a particular city, county, district, or other local area if it concerns an official activity of the city, county, district, or other area or of any governing body, board, commission, officer, agency, or court thereof, or if the subject of the advertisement concerns particularly the people of the city, county, district, or other area; (2) "Advertisement" means any matter required by law to be published; and (3) "Zoned edition" means a newspaper edition published at least once a week, distributed in a specific geographic region of the newspaper's circulation area, and containing reporting and advertising of interest to subscribers in that geographic region.

 So, what is the big deal? Why should you care? It is simple...HB 195 does the exact opposite to what our KY Constitution requires. Going forward, the only way you will have to find out what is happening in your local district is by logging into a county owned web-site. Well, if you are not familiar with HB 195 and would like to be informed, you have a number of choices — none of which meet the constitutional requirement of transparency but all require the use and access to internet services and equipment.


A) you can go online to and search for HB 195 or check out this


 B) You can reach out to your St. Rep. N. Tate by a number of avenues (unfortunately she does not feel the need to communicate with the constituents that elected her) so choose any of these other options: BTW, thank her for going against the trend and voting Nay on HB 99!

 Mailing Address

702 Capital Ave

Annex Room 351D

Frankfort, KY 40601

 Legislative Address

702 Capital Ave

Annex Room 351D

Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone Number(s)

LRC: 502-564-8100 ext. 698


see story here (week 8)

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