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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 The Boys District 11 tournament got started on Feb 25 with the Meade County Greenwaves facing off against the Hancock County Hornets in the second game of the night. Hancock took the first two games during the regular season with both being overtime wins, so that put a little pressure on our Greenwave boys to pick up the pace and play a little harder. At the beginning of the game neither team could seem to get a ball to drop, maybe it was nerves, maybe it was just the fast pace of the game, but once Meade’s offense found their rhythm they took off like a rocket. Junior Cannon Decker scored the game’s first points hitting a three-pointer, then another after grabbing a defensive rebound, jumping Meade out to a 6-0 lead. Hancock was able to get on the board with a put back, but after junior Casey Turner hit Meade’s third three-point shot in a row, Hancock’s coach was forced to call a timeout before things got way out of hand. After the timeout Meade was only able to add four more points to the scoreboard, but their defense held Hancock’s offense from scoring as well. Meade finished the first with a seven-point lead. Meade took the momentum they had built at the end of the first and carried to over to the start of the second by going on a 10-0 run to spread their lead even more. With Meade’s offense running all over Hancock’s defense, the Hornet’s coach was forced once again to call another timeout in the first two minutes of the period. For the remainder of the half, Meade slowed their pace down, and hit quality shots, or got the ball down low to senior Mitchell Dozier and let him muscle his way in for layups. By the end of the first half Meade had built up a 20-point lead over Hancock as they went into the locker room feeling pretty good about their game play.

“The boys came out and played well in the first half,” Coach Tripure said of the team’s effort. “They’ve been playing well, and made some big shots, and that’s what we need to continue to do. I mean when you put it all together, like shooting, rebounding, and defending well, you’re going to have a good game. They’ve been doing that and now it’s all coming together for them.”

 Meade came out of the halftime cold, which allowed Hancock to make a run and close the gap, but it didn’t take long for Meade’s seniors to take charge of their team and get right back into the game. Mede once again got their feet under them midway through the third to bounce back and start making quality shots. By the end of the third Meade had built their lead over Hancock to 29-points and had no looks of letting this game slip away. In the fourth period, Meade kept the hammer down on their offense as Coach Tripure began to rest his seniors and starting players, rotating younger players in. Meade would finish the game shooting 52% from the floor, 61% from beyond the 3-point arc, and 71% from the free throw line, cruising to an easy victory over Hancock, and a chance to take on the Breckenridge County Tigers for the District 11 Championship.

 “When your shooting high percentages like that, it’s hard to lose a game. Now if we can just keep that going for the next three or four games, that’d be nice.” Coach Tripure said after the game.

Box Score 1 2 3 4 F

Hancock County 6 11 10 12 39

Meade County 13 24 19 16 72


M. Dozier-18

C. Turner-18

C. Decker-14

P. Johnston-7


C. Turner-5/8

C. Decker-4/6

P. Johnston-1/2

G. Beavin-1/1


M. Dozier-11

C. Decker-6

C. Turner-4

P. Johnston-3

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