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Nucor, Jobs and Growth


Anon Citizen


 There have been several negative things printed in this paper about our elected officials and the deal with Nucor and maybe some of them are true, I don’t know but these officials were elected by the majority of the population and if you don’t like what they are doing, VOTE.

 Now for some facts from the Census of Agriculture, U.S. Department Agriculture and U.S. Census from 2012: there are 77,064 farms in Kentucky; Population of Kentucky, 4,339,367; and the population of Meade county as of 2019 is 28,715, you do the math. I love our hard working farmers and there is no doubt we need our farmers, but they make up a small percentage of the population that lives works and pays taxes in this county. If you get up early every weekday morning you will see the exodus of Meade county residents to surrounding counties. I myself drove 120 miles a day five and sometime six days a week to the east end of Louisville to work as a heavy equipment mechanic and there are between 260- 262 workdays per year, that’s a lot of miles.