Nucor on track to 2022 completion

 Johnny Jacobs, General Manager of Nucor Steel in Brandenburg, says that the company is still on track to complete the facility in Meade County in late 2022. This is the largest capital project to date in Nucor’s history.

 Earth-moving activities have already begun and continue to take place. A contractor area has been created so that, as contractors are brought in, they’ll have a staging area. Jacobs says that more and more contractors will be coming in as the project progresses, more than 1,000 by next year. Materials for their administration building as well as their shipping building, which will be the first two buildings to be erected, have already started to arrive. Jacobs says they should be starting construction activities on the shipping building this week, weather permitting.

 Nucor’s team in Brandenburg is also growing. So far, the team consists of 23 members, including the company’s first local hire.

 “We anticipate a few positions being posted as we go through the remainder of this year, and as we get into 2021, we’ll look forward to starting the postings for our production positions,” said Jacobs.

Nucor has also worked around the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jacobs says they’ve used the opportunity to focus on their engineering efforts.

“We used the period that posed the challenges around the pandemic to allow our team to really focus in on engineering that will allow us to make up some of the time that we were not able to do some of the construction activities,” Jacobs said.

Over the coming weeks, passersby will start seeing steel erection occur. Piling will be going into the ground, and from there, the erections for the buildings will go up.

Jacobs, who recently purchased a home in the Brandenburg area, says the limitations the pandemic placed on travel have given him time to get to know the area and its inhabitants better, and he’s impressed.

“The people have been phenomenal,” said Jacobs. “I just absolutely love the region.”

He says that Nucor is extremely excited about being a part of the community.

“We absolutely appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received,” said Jacobs. “We’re excited to grow here and be here for many, many years.”

Jacobs says they’re targeting an October date for a traditional ground-breaking ceremony for the facility.

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