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Nucor still on track amidst pandemic

 Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Nucor project in Brandenburg is still on track, according to Johnny Jacobs, head of Nucor Steel Brandenburg.  Some rumors have circulated that, due to the projected economic downturn the state will face following the COVID-19 pandemic, tax incentives offered to Nucor would not be available. Jacobs says there is no truth to these rumors. “We remain excited about our plate mill project [in Brandenburg],” said Jacobs.  Still, the company has discussed the potential impact of the virus. Jacobs says that, during the company’s Q1 earnings call on April 28, their executive team discussed the impact of the pandemic and the uncertainty it has created in the market. “While we have paused certain construction on our new Brandenburg mill, the engineering and permitting for the facility is continuing to move forward,” said Jacobs. “We believe that even if we pause for the next three to four months, we’ll be able to make up that time as we move through construction (because our engineering will be that much further along), and it wont’ have a material impact on the facility’s start-up.”