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Old time Deer Hunting


Part 3

If you are going to feed deer, feed them something local. Don’t go to Wally World and by grain blocks with molasses and sugar and corn grown in Kansas. In the first place, it isn’t the deer’s natural, and preferred, feed. They want Johnny Vessels soy beans and corn, not sunflower seed from the great plains. Exotic plant seeds will attract some deer, but seeds common to the area the deer frequent will double or triple that number. The information and reports put out by the sporting goods stores are for two purposes only, SALES and PROFITS. Those stores don’t care one whit, whether you kill out, or not, as long as you spend your money with them.

Don’t buy cover scents. Why in the name of all that’s holy would it be easier to kill a deer if you smelled like Bob Cat or Fox urine? Wear rubber sole shoes or boots. They don’t carry as much scent. If you must have a chemical scent depressant, use No Scent spray. Spray your hat, especially around the brim, your underarms, crotch and the soles of your shoes. Nothing else is necessary. If you are going to get in a tree stand, even that is not necessary. The mist will lift as the sun rises any random scent high into the air. You will be well high of a deer’s ability to wind you anyway. That and the wider range of vision is the only reason to climb a tree. If you are hunting on the ground, kick out the leaves from around the tree, because the wind does change during the day as the air temperature warms. You may need to move to keep the wind in your face and don’t want to rustle leaves. Always have the wind in your face. If the wind is behind you, you will never see a deer. Remember, in Meade County you are hunting smaller wood lots, and the deer are use to motors running, dogs, cows, horses and farmers, as well as, their scent. You don’t have to be sterile to kill a deer.

Leave the rattling horns, grunt calls, and doe urine at home. You will scare more deer than you will attract. Buck deer make scrapes and leave their musk on the scrape by passing urine over it. A doe will leave her scent on the scrape in a similar fashion. Urine from Florida, Arkansas, Wisconsin or Michigan is not the same as local. Companies that collect this urine feed their deer. Its scent is comprised of locally grown food and different than that found here. Most of all use your greater ability to think. A deer is faster and stronger than a man, but it’s a sorry hunter who can’t out study a deer. When scouting, observe the direction they travel and the times. Keep a chart. Then make sure you’re in the stand two hours earlier and stay two hours later. Use the method my old boss taught me, the KISS method, he said, “keep it simple silly.”

Last lesson to learn, think things through. Old Joe came up to me one day and told me his new trick to kill deer. They will come right to me he says. He pulled out a bottle of Wisconsin deer urine, some shoe laces and cotton balls. He said when I drive back and park to walk to my deer stand, I will put this urine on these cotton balls and tie one end to my boots and the other end to the cotton balls. If the deer gets the scent they will come right to me. He said he saw this on television. I thought for a minute, and discounted the fact the urine was foreign, but thought. If old Joe put the urine on the cotton at his car, that’s where it, the scent, will be strongest. By the time he walks the 150 yards to his stand, the scent there will be the weakest. Why would a buck deer walk to where the doe scent is weakest rather than to where the scent was stronger, the car? Obviously, it wouldn’t! Think about these things, you can out study a deer, as well as a commercial to sell sure fire and expensive gimmicks that won’t necessarily work.