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Only one party is home to the nut-jobs?

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

In conversations this past week, I have been a bit confused at responses people have given as to why they voted for the person or party they selected. The answers ran the gamut from, “Oh, so you did your own homework?” to “Did you dress yourself this morning and tie your own shoes?”

If people don’t really know why they’re voting for someone, then don’t vote. Don’t vote because someone says you should vote for a specific candidate. If you do that, then you’re lazy.

You have to know everything bad and good about a candidate to make an informed decision.

The media hid the truth about Biden and his son, and their making hand over fist money selling his access to the Chinese.

Then Democrats knew they couldn’t win legally against Trump. So, they changed voting rules right before the election so they could pad mail-in voter ballots. AND THEY DID, DEMOCRATS CHEATED ACROSS THE COUNTRY IN DEMOCRATIC STATES, I heard someone say loudly.

Another person found it amusing that mail in ballots cannot be opened and counted until after voting booths/locations closed for the day. Admittedly, I do find that to be a questionable practice and think it should be revisited.

One could rightly argue that an individual could request an absentee ballot, complete and mail it in, then show up on election day and vote again.

I suppose that could happen, and given all of the other shenanigans we have heard about, I could not disagree with this theory. Given the reports of an individual that WALKED into his local courthouse, requested a mail-in ballot, then brought it back on election day and, after voting in person, dropped his mail-in ballot in an absentee drop-off box.

How can our vote count when the other side cheats, and what is the solution?

One person suggested a total re-vote should take place with only in person voting allowed. It was at this point I had to walk away because to disenfranchise American voters that have legitimate reasons for not standing in long lines to cast their vote was ludicrous! What a rude awakening that was for me. I thought only one political party had nut-jobs within its ranks.