Op-Ed: White Male Persecution


 I woke up today. And just like every day before it, a bleak reality set in. Did you know since 2008, only 66.7% of Presidents in the United States were white, Christian males?! When compared with the previous 13 year (1994-2007) period that’s a reduction of 23.3%!!

I walked down to the river to take my mind off things. There it was. Just reminding me again my place in society...there stood the 70-foot tall statue. Tall and proud above our riverfront. Displayed are three Black, atheist women who are pointing and laughing at the lonely white, Christian male at the top of the statue. A tear fell down my cheek.

I stopped at a gas station to get some candy and maybe some cigarettes. When I left, a Mexican, Jewish trans police officer stopped me on the sidewalk. They asked if I knew what neighborhood I was in. I said I lived down the road, but they didn’t believe me. After backup was called they laughed as I pooped myself crying….they didn’t even offer me chocolate milk afterwards.

Finally I got home after my long and embarrassing day. A day like every other day. I see on the television that another 13-year-old white, Christian male was shot dead by trans POC police officers again, unarmed. They also opened a huge Mosque across the street from the food court in Brandenburg...no white Christian men allowed.

Then, on the television two attractive women of color danced all naked and sexy and I shuddered...it made me absolutely sick. I’d never want to see my wife, let alone any woman, in such little clothing. Then the worst happened...the Lil Nas X video started to play somehow all by itself on my YouTube account on MY TV…”how?” I asked as I set down the remote. This video was different, I couldn’t take my eyes off it...it was so disgusting I just couldn’t help but play it two or three dozen more times. I analyzed each frame trying to find all the hidden Satanic messages on the rapper’s sweaty, tattooed body.

At my job at the local newspaper, they never let me write opinion pieces. Only non-white, non-Christian, non-males are allowed to be published weekly in the paper with no edits or checks on their facts. When I turn the radio on, the local politics talk show host asks… “Can anyone tell me, what is racial inequality?” Her cohost of Guatemalan descent cackles alongside her. They both use she/they pronouns.

If you are going to write nonsense in the newspaper, like white, Christian men being the most persecuted people in this country I am not sure what to tell you. What I read in the April 1st was so insane I thought that Mr. Hobbs was playing an April Fool’s Prank on us all. His Satanic Panic, back again for the first time since the 1990s. Mr. Hobbs may be a Christian afraid of the boogey man that is the supposed Devil, but for rational people we realize that a pair of shoes, even if its 666 pairs of shoes, means nothing.

May I ask Mr. Hobbs if he truly does believe in the Lord? I only ask because he is giving credibility to signs and powers and seems to believe in magic. All of which are forbidden in the Bible. Is the Lord not more powerful than a pair of shoes? Or a music video? May I ask if Mr. Hobbs has listened to Metallica or heavy metal in his days?

Hey Chad, I know this won’t see the light of day in your paper, but you will still get to write your silly opinions week after week. What you are experiencing is society not catering to your weird puritan ideals. I grew up Catholic in this county, and the God I know has no regard for a music video or shoes. My God, a God of remorse and compassion would be more concerned with the fact that our country imprisons more people than any nation on Earth. God cares more about the fact that the United States is the wealthiest nation to ever exists, yet we do not guarantee healthcare for the people in this nation. God probably cares more about the giant, ugly building to human ego and hubris that pretends to be a House of God in our county than a dumb music video.

Not everyone is a weirdo about sex, it’s a healthy thing to talk about, and to express sexuality in art is as natural as breathing. When you condemn it and act as if it is a topic no one should talk about, you get poor sex education, you get teen pregnancy in high numbers as we see in Meade County, you see MORE ABORTIONS which you conservatives seem to care so much about except when it comes to policy that actually prevents abortions.

Expressing sexuality is encouraged for straight men constantly. Every time you have a beer with a group of guys you can’t get away from some story about one conquest or another with plenty of detail.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Don’t let your kids watch it. Cardi B and Lil Nas X didn’t walk into your home uninvited. If they are in your living room, you let them in. But shut up and spare us the moral lesson. You got one thing right on April 1st when it comes to you being offended by music videos and shoes….NO. ONE. CARES.

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