Otter Creek Park falls victim to alleged copper thieves


Messenger Staff

 On October 7, Otter Creek Park reported that a white van with Steve Curly Construction in green lettering on the side was backed up to the basement of the old Otter Creek Lodge at Otter Creek Park. According to the arrest report, they reported that two white males had been inside the building using saws and throwing things around. They stated that both males were stealing copper. The two males got inside the van and left the park. They took a left onto 1638 towards Muldraugh, according to the report. Officer Jay Burke with Muldraugh PD was able to stop the van. Meade County Sheriff Deputy Sailor stated in the report that he arrived shortly and observed Officer Burke had the same van matching the description pulled over. He told the driver, Eric Simondiski, why they were stopped. Simondiski stated that he was only hiking in the park. Sailor called both witnesses, and they described wire that was taken from an electrical panel. The description matched what was in plain view in the back of the van. Deputy Evan Kenealy went to Otter Creek Park and gathered written statements and pictures. There was even a pile of copper next to the basement area. Deputy Kenealy confirmed that the copper matched the description of what was in the back of the van. Once Deputy Sailor arrested both subjects, he placed Samuel Terry Ashley, the passenger in the van, in his cruiser. Ashley was read his Miranda rights and stated that they did a job that day. According to the report, Ashley stated they had gone to the park for a hike, and he was separated from Simondiski for about 35-40 minutes. Ashley couldn’t advise what he was doing during that time. Another witness stopped in Muldraugh and stated he saw this same van parked next to the building in Otter Creek and that he thought it was strange.  

 Both men were lodged in the Meade County Detention Center and charged with Criminal Mischief, 1st degree; Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disp. All Others U/$500; and Burglary, 3rd degree.

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