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Parker named Area Defensive Sophomore of the Year

By Mike Mathison

The News-Enterprise


 Kyle Parker’s sophomore season at Meade County was far busier than even he had imagined.

 “Before the season coaches talked to me and told me I had an opportunity to be good,” he said.

 But, to have the season he had on both sides of the ball might not have been seen in the crystal ball.

 “The first game went by and I really didn’t do anything,” he said.

 After that, though, Parker was a starting safety under the bright lights of Friday nights.

“It was a challenge, just being able to see everything,” Parker said. “At safety you have to be a leader. You have to make a bunch of calls. You have to communicate.

“I looked to our other safety, Mason Burnett, and leaned on him. JJ (Richardson) has a lot of experience back there, so I leaned on him as well. After the Apollo game (the fourth game of the year) I’d say that’s when I got into my groove and got into my comfort zone. The hard part was the speed of the game. The change from freshman, JV last year to varsity this year is definitely a big change and it took a while to get used to that.