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Pay the lady or else....

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Ever wonder what is meant by the word “Pork” when used in relation to government or political programs and legislation?

The current “Coronavirus Relief Bill” offers an excellent teachable moment if you are unsure of what is meant when a bill is said to be padded with excessive “Pork Barrel Pet Projects”. Let’s look at a few examples of this concept in the current pork barrel padded theft project, a.k.a. Biden’s “American Rescue Plan”.

In an interview, Senator Graham said the bill includes “reparations” for minority farmers. Well not straight forward, you have to read the entire proposal and put the facts together. Following is part of his discussion:

“...let me give you an example of something that really bothers me. In this bill, if you’re a farmer, your loan will be forgiven up to 120 percent of your loan, not 100 percent, but 120 percent of your loan, if you’re socially disadvantaged, if you’re African-American, some other minority.

But if you’re a white person, if you’re a white woman, no forgiveness. That’s reparations. What does that have to do with COVID? So, if you’re in the farming business right now, this bill forgives 120 percent of your loan, based on your race.

These people in the Congress today, the House and the Senate on the Democrat side, are out-of-control liberals. And God help us all if we don’t check and balance them in 2022.

There’s $200 million for library services. There’s over $300 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities and Arts. There’s $20 million for native language studies. These all may be good ideas, but they have got nothing to do with COVID.

But it’s deeper than that. Look back and see what’s happened in the Democratic-controlled House in the last 30 days. You have passed a COVID relief package, $1.9 trillion, very partisan; 90 percent of the money’s got nothing to do with COVID.

You have got H.R.1, which is open borders for voting. The federal government is going to take over the voting systems in this country. There will be no checks and balance, no verification of who you are, H.R.1, because it’s a federal takeover of elections. It sets up a system where there is no real voter security or verification. It is a liberal wish list in terms of how you vote. So, it’s really open borders for voting, and, finally, the Equality Act.

They passed a bill that does away with a distinction between being a man and woman in the law. Biological boys are going to start playing in girls’ sports. And if you’re a religious organization out there, and your faith dictates that certain things happen, this bill takes that ability to say no away from you.

This bill is filled with “pork projects”. Projects that have ZERO to do with COVID relief. Projects like a mass transit project in Schumer’s home state and an underground transit system in Pelosi’s home state, less than 40 miles from her home.

These are just the “big ones” that have been revealed. There are millions more being spent to buy other Democrat votes. The only hold out was Mangin who called out his fellow Dems. for loading the bill with their own wish list or demand letters. They voted for the Pork Barrell but you will have to “pay the lady”.