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Payneville Blessing Box


Messenger Staff

 Back in July 2020, Seth Dukes wrote an article for The Meade County Messenger about a Blessing Box food box that was constructed by Mike Greenwell. It was placed near the Payneville Fire Department close to the recycling bins. Mike felt that the Lord had called him to provide a place where local residents in need could go at any time and pick up essential items for their household.

Mike and his Dad built the box based on the pattern of others Mike had seen on Facebook. It is a sturdy structure with three deep shelves and is enclosed by a wooden door with a glass pane. The sign on the front of the box reads, “Need food? Take some. If not, give some please.” Although it is advertised to be a place for food to be donated, you may also drop off hygienic essentials such as toothpaste, soap, and even socks.

I have been by the Blessing Box many times when I dropped off cardboard and plastic items in the nearby recycling bins, and on occasion have placed donated items inside. Lately I noticed that there have been less items in the box. I wanted to write this article in hopes of encouraging more people to go by there and drop off items for those in need.

The year 2020 was difficult for many people in our area, and some lost their livelihood. A donation box such as the one in Payneville can be a lifeline to a struggling family. Typically January is a tough month because before Christmas many organizations made sure that families in need had enough food for the holidays, and that was great, but families are still needing help, and food pantries are a major resource. It has been especially tough for families with children who are used to receiving school meals. Thankfully school cafeteria workers have worked extra hard during the pandemic to get food prepared and available for the children, but the families have to come to the schools that are distributing the food, and sometimes that is not logistically possible.

We should all plan to help out and drop off what we can in the Blessing Box. I recently made a practice of getting extra items every time I shop and dropping them off at the Blessing Box. Please only drop off quality food—something you would want to eat yourselves, and not something left in your kitchen cabinet that you no longer want. Be sure that the canned items you leave are not out of date and do not leave fresh items like bread or vegetables because they may not be picked up before they go bad. Some other ideas may be to pair items. If you drop off a can of tuna, be sure to include a bottle of mayonnaise; spaghetti sauce should be accompanied by spaghetti noodles, and so forth.

To those in the Payneville area, I challenge you to keep the Blessing Box stocked full. I know it will be a blessing to those who need the items, and you yourself will also be receive a blessing.