Penelope Ross wins Grandparent Essay Contest

 Each spring, The Meade County Retired Teachers collaborate with AARP to sponsor a Grandparent Essay contest. Fifth grade students across the state submit essays to their teachers answering why "My Grandparent should be the AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.” Each participating school chooses a school winner. From these winners is chosen a county winner.

 Our Meade county winner is Penelope Ross, student of Judy Tighe at Ekron Elementary. Our runner-up is Chloe Hatchell, student of Beth Robinson-Woolfok at DTW.

 In previous years, the winner has been invited to read their essay to retired teachers at a regularly called meeting. However, since this has been a slightly unusual year, the Meade County Messenger has very graciously agreed to print the winning essay.

 Retired teacher's organization would like to thank all teachers, students, parents and grandparents who participated in this project.

The Best Mamaw Ever

 It has recently come to my attention that you are searching for a grandparent of the year 2019. I have a feeling you will pick mine. Imagine your mamaw being there for you every single day waiting for you to get home. A mamaw who loves you like Jesus. Picture a mamaw who makes it better every time and cares for you like no other person in the whole entire world. Visualize a mamaw there for you even when she is in the most pain. This could happen if everyone had a mamaw like mine. My mamaw, Michelle, is very giving and caring and very loving but best of all she is my angel.

 First my mamaw Michelle is very affectionate to the whole family. I mean, she is very concerning for us. For example, she is giving. On Christmas for the whole entire family and instead of getting things for herself she always puts us first; consequently,my mamaw should be awarded AARP Best grandparent of the year award. Since she cares for five grandchildren.

 Not only does she take care of five grandchildren now, but she took care of five children who are now grown. Let me explain. Mamaw is very loving, and she is also extremely caring. My mother was alone with me and my siblings and we didn't know at the time but our mom tried moving house to house so that way the rest of the family wouldn't know that she was making bad disisions but that didn't last long. For instance our mamaw brought us in and took care of us to keep us safe from the people who wanted to hurt us. She fought so hard she would go through heaven and earth to save us and she did; therefore, I think my mamaw should be awarded AARP grandparent of the year. Since my mamaw did these things she is our saving grace. Finally she is always there for us no madder what. In other words, my mamawalways loves, cares, and gives and that is what makes her special.

 Another example is, she loves the whole world and prays for eneyone who needs hope; as a result, I love her because when her prayers are said god listens.this is called ansewrd prayers. Since mamaw cares for everyone, sometimes I lie in bed and think about the things she has done and it brings joyful tears to my eyes. As a judge I hope you will choose her because she deserves recognition.

 In conclusion, I recognize that others believe she isn't that great, however, I believe she is a unicorn in a field of hourses since she is loving, caring, and giving. Even if my mamaw doesn't win she will always be a true winner in my heart nomadder what. This is why I believe my mamaw should win AARP grandparent of the year.

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