Pondering the pious, pompous musings of our finest

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 Having chosen to put aside an opinion piece recently published in a piece of mailbox trash, this week seems to be an excellent time to reflect upon the musings of our county’s articulate author that calls himself “Citizen Joe”. My intent is not to make up names for him, because let’s just be honest, I could never be as clever as he thinks he is by creating the title “Anonymutt” that he has bestowed on me.

 For entertainment, let’s examine some of his expert suppositions as posted in MeadeTruth.com’s Election Guide 2020:

 He claims “people I trust have told me they’re certain the identity of “Conrad Doyle” is local Democratic Party chair, Michael Kelly. My response is this: Who Cares?”

 I laugh right along with the rest of the readers because we know that he has become fixated on Conrad Doyle.

 He then claimed to have “assigned himself the task of re-reading most of the Doyle columns”... and after that painstaking task, he then begins his pompous pontifications.

 Let’s examine a couple of them that he and his buddy’s continue to try to


 “Conrad Doyle made a threat on the life of a local politician”. Only someone with warped imaginations and questionable interpretations would read that column and twist it around in their minds and try to convince others to believe something sinister was said or threatened. He and his buddies got together and a contrived plot was set in motion. They were no doubt foaming at the mouth when the Commonwealth Attorney issued a summons for the publisher of this paper to appear before the Grand Jury. Oh, I am sure the politician conjured up tears and told of the fear they felt for their safety and the safety of their family. And yes, he felt the Commonwealth Attorney was “correct to pursue”, but we know the truth behind that, don’t we? Someone used his position and personal relationship and called in a favor. It must have been a bitter pill to swallow when the Grand Jury ruled against this shenanigan. The same Grand Jury that the attorney claimed had come to him and wanted him to investigate this “threat”, is oddly the same Grand Jury that said “NO” there is no threat to a politician’s life, only to any criminal that dared follow the writer home, knowing he had medications on him, with the intent to steal them. Truth be told, I would venture to guess that the Grand Jury was unanimous in their decision, but we may never know.

 Secondly, the self-assumed “Citizen” rebuked Doyle by saying “it was clear Conrad supports the farmers over all other people in the county-with regard to the granary”... He then goes on to ask if Conrad & the new Judge-Executive are part of the group suing the county... then he says “I do find it ironic that after all the mudslinging the Messenger has put us through over the last year... that we end up with a Democrat running the county government who opposed Nucor, and instead, supported the granary”.

 The only part of this portion of the rocket scientist’s accusations that I can speak to is to agree, I did, and always will, support the farmers! The rest of his non-sensical verbiage are the utterances of an idiot that believes if we support our farmers then we likewise do not support Nucor.

 How silly of me, I failed to realize it was an either/or situation. If I support the farmers then I am opposed to Nucor-according to his all or nothing stinking thinking. Well Citizen Joe, once again you do not have a clue about my stand on the whole Nucor/CGB situation.

 I have often said, and still stand by, this statement: I am excited about Nucor coming to Meade County. I am excited about the potential jobs that will be created locally (over the next 15 years) and I have never been against Nucor. What I have been against is the LIES AND DECEPTION TOLD TO THE FARMERS and the manipulations of the board members.

 The deals made that allow this new industry to avoid having to pay taxes in the same manner that all other businesses and individuals must. The loss of the local tax base that now has to be made up by moving the city limits out further to pick up more city taxes from more residents, these are the things I am opposed to.

 As far as my being a member of the group of farmers suing the county is just stupid and not worth my time. Instead, I want to share one more tidbit of our fine Citizen Joe’s declarations as to the farmers and their lifestyle.

 I don’t want to misquote the “Citizen’s” words so what you are about to read is straight from his article in The Election Guide 2020.

 “Our county has supported the farmers for many years, as a matter of fact it was the Meade County Tax Payers at large who made it possible to have the granary in the first place which allowed the farmers by their own numbers to save nearly $60,000 per year each on average. There is no doubt that our farmers are some of the hardest working families in Meade County but they are not the only ones. What about those of us who work for companies who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars out of our pockets to drive to work in other cities? What are we to do? I don’t begrudge the farmers their money but they live much better than most Meade Countians these days. We see the houses they build. We just want an opportunity to be able to work close to home...”

 Of all the pious, pompous, arrogant rhetoric that has come out of our “Citizen” these remarks will surely cast looks and thoughts of disgust your way and rightly so! I have not met a single farmer that can afford to lose $60,000 a year, and since being removed from your Executive Director position, it is likely you too cannot afford the loss of a huge chunk of money wouldn’t you say?

 I have tried to find a farmer that can afford the luxury of living in a gated community and paying that $100 a month fee just for the privilege of living there. I sincerely hope you can afford to continue living there because no farmer wants you living next door to them.

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