Private Prom for Meade County Juniors and Seniors set for June


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Meade County juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to attend a prom that will be as close to a traditional prom as possible with COVID-19 in mind.

A Southern Affair, a local event-planning business, will be organizing the event, which is set to take place at 125 Kennedy Road in Guston on Friday, June 4 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.. A Southern Affair is currently seeking sponsorships from local businesses in order to lower the cost per ticket, purchase decorations, snacks, drinks, and potentially help juniors and seniors in need of additional assistance with dress costs and alterations.

“After a year of COVID closures, isolation, quarantine, and cancelled events Meade County High Schoolers were looking forward to a return to normalcy in the form of a traditional prom,” Nicole Durbin and Merranda Tryon of A Southern Affair say in a letter requesting sponsorships from business owners. “The 2021 Senior class has been unable to have their Junior, or Senior Prom. Meade County has always been able to step up when an area of our community needs them to! After realizing that we could help, ASA worked to secure a venue that would facilitate COVID capacity guidelines, and social distancing while still creating the feel of traditional prom.”

Tickets, which can be purchased online at, currently cost $55. The event will include a DJ, photo booth, snacks, drinks, and both a King and Queen and Prince and Princess will be chosen.

As of today, the current maximum capacity for the venue is 60 percent, but ASA says they will keep capacity at about half of that inside. They’ll be utilizing wrist bands so that people are in separate groups and rotating the groups in order to control flow and capacity.

Because the prom is not sanctioned and is a private event, the group has also hired private security to protect students and the venue.

For more information, visit A Southern Affair’s Facebook page.

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