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Private schools on the rise, but why ?

Letter to the Editor

Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you? What did you learn from the experience? I have recently experienced a few of those within the Meade County school transportation system. I am fully aware that Meade County is in need of school bus drivers. That being said, I was recently told my son’s bus driver was not finishing out the school year as his driver anymore. I was surprised. I was informed he would be assigned a new one. I was also informed that his pick up time will be 6:45 a.m. School doesn’t resume until almost 8:00 a.m. I was shocked since we only live 5 miles from the school. I can actually see it from my back porch. I was even more annoyed at the fact that I was told he would be the first one picked up and the last one let off! He’s only seven. An hour ride each way to school seems extremely long and unnecessary considering the proximity in which we live. He would be traveling approximately over 15 miles one way before he reaches school.How is this making better usage of taxpayers money? Especially when a bus driver actually lives on my road and drove my son last year.This would be the fourth bus driver my son has had in two years. So the previous bus driver’s route is having to be split between other drivers. Which means more work load for the same pay. It’s what is most convenient for the majority of riders in attendance; that’s how I understood it. Since we live on a state road with only one, possibly two riders, we are not the majority. Then, when I contacted the superintendent of transportation I was told that this was the only option they had for me. But is it really? Although my thoughts are that was precisely what was intended in the first place. That’s why I’m wanting to bring these setbacks to someone’s attention. I would encourage someone to examine the Meade County school transportation system, and how they communicate and handle their services with the taxpayers of Meade County. Obstacles are going to occur but surely not at the expense of taxpayers, employees and students.