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Prospective drivers will travel to Elizabethtown for testing beginning June 28


Newsroom Coordinator

As of June 28, prospective drivers will have to travel to Department of Transportation Regional Office in Elizabethtown to take their driving tests as opposed to taking it at the local courthouse.

According to a release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the traditional system of licenses and permits being issued by the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk in each county is being phased out. Transition of licensing services was mandated with passage of House Bill 453 during the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly.

“It’s a new era of driver licensing in Kentucky that will usher in technology enhancements and more service options than ever before,” Gov. Andy Beshear said. “After many years of issuing driver licenses, circuit court clerks will be able to focus solely on court business and driver licensing will be executed at new regional offices whose only business is licensing. With the Transportation Cabinet at the helm to process ID requests, Kentuckians will have new options, like online appointment scheduling, the choice between a REAL ID or standard credential, and soon, online driver license renewal.”

These regional offices are also the only places to obtain a REAL ID, which will be needed to board commercial flights and access federal buildings as of May 3, 2023.

The regional offices will offer online appointment scheduling, though walk-in customers are still welcome. Citizens will also be able to renew their license online. The state will offer “Popup Driver Licensing” visits to counties without a regional office to offer on-site application and renewal services.

For more information on the regional facilities and how to schedule a test, visit