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Proud of Meade County

 When word spread of a possible protest on the riverfront in the City of Brandenburg, I, as a business owner of property near the site, was very anxious about what type of protest this would become. If this protest could include the possibility of violence, what approach should I take to protect my property and the property of the tenants that have businesses along Main Street.

 I received phone calls from the shops downtown and after discussions with the shop owners, we decided they would be moving as much property as possible and I would board up the windows and storefronts.

 As our group began to work, many people, strangers and friends alike, began to pitch in and help. Those citizens were not there for any one person, they were there to help our community. As the afternoon continued I personally received many phone calls and texts with offers of help and support. Some offered to help during the day and others offered help and security for the evening.

 I am so proud to be a part of a county that offered support and protection for our community. I am so proud of the people who chose to become involved in a nonviolent protest. I am so proud of the police officers who had a plan. I am so proud of my employees who volunteered to hang out and watch our office. I am so proud of the people from the neighboring counties who came out to offer support. Thank you to everyone!!

 And, for that pocket of people who chose to be negative, antagonistic, and violent, shame on you and don't come back.

-Rena Singleton

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