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2/19: Kelly O. (Donna M.) Argabright to Ronnie L. (Chelsea M.) Krohn, Jr., Arnold School Rd., Payneville, 28.08 acres, $50,000.

Robbie Lee Construction, LLC and B & R Property Management, LLC to Timothy Brown, Lot 8 Golden Heights Subdivision, Vine Grove, $239,000.

2/22: Timothy A. (Janice A.) Kissinger to Andrew S. (Kimberly M.) Bakewell, Lot 22 Springdale Subdivision, $329,000.

Matthew D. (Mistie L.) Sibole to Thomas L. Arnold, HWY 376, 25.569 acres, $117,000.

Jeff A. (Joyce) Nott to Jonathan E. Rivera, Lot 2 Gabe Estates, Ekron, $222,000.

Williams Brothers Logging, LLC to Robert L. (Shannon) Hail, Jr., Lot 9 Forrest Acres Subdivisions, Battletown, $56,000.

Benjamin M. O’Bryan to M. Gregory (Cheryl D.) Whelan, Parcel 4 Norman Hardesty Agriculture Plat, 7.133 acres, $58,7850.

Estate of James Collins to Redhead, LLC, Big Bend Rd. And KY 1047, Battletown, 113.83 acres and 374.33 acres, $750,000.

C. Kevin (Virginia D.) Gallusser to Cory L. Gallusser and Morgan P. McDaniel, Old Weldon, 1 1/8 acre, $55,000.

Isaiah M Satram to Jessey K. Conn, Lot 24 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $290,000.

2/23: Clarence E. Holloway to Ancil Adkins, Old Weldon Rd., $24,499.66.

2/24: Larry E. (Jane M.) Hardesty to Donna S. Higgins and Brett D. Higgins, Hardesty Raymond Rd., Webster, 5.45 acres, $30,000.

Redhead, LLC to James E. (Mary K.) Barber, Lot 455 & 456 Havenwood, Long Needle Rd., Doe Valley, $335,000.

Richard A. (Kelley A.) McCoy to Nancy E. Davis, Lot 5 Coffman Acres, $128,000.

James (Rhonda) Helmuth to Russell Matthews, lot 140 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $7,500.

David (Roxanne) Miles to Chris Sturgeon, Lot 106 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $7,000.

Leaetta Cannady to Susan Harper and James H. Bennett, Jr., Lot 170 Doe Valley Park Estates, $15,000.

Lawrence J. (Benda A.) Dattilo to James H. Bennett, Jr. And Susan Harper, Lot 169 Doe Valley Park Estates, $6,200.




02/28/2021 09:58

Upon arrival [the deputy] made contact with the caller Stiles, Kenneth. Stiles stated that he saw a car laying on its roof. Stiles stated that the car hit a utility pole. The utility pole was broken and came to rest onto the roadway. Stiles further stated that an individual (unknown description) that he believed was driving the vehicle was picked up by a tan pickup truck.

The driver could not be located.

03/01/2021 17:11

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Alexander Gruenfelder. Gruenfelder stated he was operating his vehicle. [redacted] Gruenfelder did not answer any other questions and was transported by EMS via helicopter.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Tobias Foster. Foster stated that he was traveling North on HWY 313 in his vehicle when Gruenfelder came into his lane and hit him head-on. Foster was transported by EMS via helicopter.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Larena Chavez. Chavez stated she was traveling North on HWY 313 behind Foster and she witnessed Gruenfelder traveling South zigzag all over the road then hit Foster in front of her.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Anthony Priddy. Priddy stated he witnessed Gruenfelder go to pass a vehicle in front of him then it was like Gruenfelder did not see the oncoming traffic and panicked speeding up faster, then driving in the grass on the side of the road and came back to the correct side of the road and then back into oncoming traffic where he collided with the other vehicle.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Tanisha Keys. Keys was traveling North on HWY 313 in her vehicle when she saw Gruenfelder in front of her try to pass a pickup truck. Gruenfelder entered her lane and began to accelerate past the pickup truck. Next, Gruenfelder entered the grass and never slowed down. Gruenfelder came back on the roadway in front of Keys and swerved into the Southbound lane of the highway where it went past her and then swerved back into the Northbound lane striking Foster behind her. Keys was unsure how Gruenfelder missed her but she was very distraught became she had three children in her back seat.

03/02/2021 09:48

Nicholas Hughes stated that prior to making a left turn onto Fort Ave., he stopped and looked to the left twice and to the right twice. He and his co-workers (that were in a pick-up behind him), stated that Unit 2 was nowhere in sight.

Nicholas Hughes stated he proceeded to make his left turn onto Fort Ave. and, as he almost had the turn complete, Unit 2 collided into the rear of Unit 1.

James Sutter stated he was going about 50 to 55 MPH when Unit 1 pulled out in front of him and he was unable to stop before colliding into the rear of Unit 1.

03/03/2021 13:34

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Virginia Cole. Cole reported that she was traveling East on HWY 144 in her vehicle and she was making a left turn onto Fairgrounds Rd when she did not see the other vehicle traveling towards her. Cole made the turn in front of the other vehicle which collided with her and then she collided with a gray truck that was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Fairgrounds Rd waiting to turn onto HWY 144. Cole’s Daughter was in the center back seat in a child seat.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Alan Drees. Drees reported he was traveling West on HWY 144 in his parents’ vehicle when the vehicle traveling towards him turned in front of him. Drees applied his braked but could not stop fast enough and collided with the other vehicle. The vehicle he collided with then collided with a pickup truck stopped at the intersection of Fairgrounds Rd.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Bradley Thomas. Thomas reported that he was stopped at the end of Fairgrounds Rd at the stop sign in his pickup truck when the vehicle that was traveling East turned left onto Fairgrounds Rd in front of him. There was another vehicle traveling West that the vehicle’s driver must not have seen. The other vehicle collided with the vehicle then the vehicle collided into his truck.

03/05/2021 07:16

Ethan Gardner was stopped at the stop sign on Buck Grove Road and KY 313. Cassie Lynch pulled up behind Ethan Gardner. Ethan Gardner was going to return to the scene of an incident and started backing up not seeing Cassie Lynch and collided into Cassie Lynch. Cassie Lynch stated that she was hitting her horn but Ethan Gardner kept backing.

03/05/2021 16:25

Ramses Robles stated he approached the stop sign at Flaherty Rd and KY313. He thought both lanes were clear of traffic. When he went to turn left that’s when Elizabeth Squires struck him.

Elizabeth Squires stated while driving north on KY313 she observed the vehicle come to a stop. When she got closer to the intersection, all the sudden the vehicle pulled out into her lane of travel.

Witness stated that Ramses Robles pulled out in front of Elizabeth Squires.

03/07/2021 01:07

Unit 1 was being operated by William Dye westbound on KY 1638. Unit 1 traveled off the left side of the roadway in a right curve. Unit 1 struck an earth embankment, traveled up a hill, and struck a tree. Unit 1 then appeared to have spun, ejecting the driver, and came to rest off the eastbound shoulder of the roadway.

03/04/2021 12:20

Charles Jecker stated while he was driving east on US 60, he did not see Lewis Taylor’s brake lights or turn signal. He was going to strike Lewis Taylor in the rear but decided to avoid that by passing on the left. When Charles Jecker went to pass on the left, Lewis Taylor turned into Charles Jecker causing a collision.

Lewis Taylor stated he had his turn signal on and was turning left onto the Old US 60 connector Road. Suddenly, when he went to turn, he struck Charles Jecker on the left-hand side.

03/08/2021 18:43

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Donald Kenley. Donald stated he was driving toward Brandenburg in his mother’s vehicle when the vehicle pulled to the right causing him to leave the roadway to the right. Donald overcorrected and the vehicle struck a “500 Fine for Littering” sign, went onto a hill in the ditch, and rolled over. Donald refused medical treatment.

Passengers in the vehicle were Britney Kinley in the passenger seat, as well as Xavier Rose who was in the second-row middle seat. Britney and Xavier refused medical treatment.

03/08/2021 12:51

Operator of Unit 1, Johnston, A stated, while he was traveling Hobbs Reesor Rd towards KY1238, he went to look at something on his car radio. Then he ran off the roadway on the right-hand side. When trying to gain control of his vehicle, he veered back and struck Unit 2. Operator of Unit 2, Wardrip, C could not state much due to an injury from the collision but stated all she remembered was going down the road and then being struck by unit 1 all the sudden.


03/20/2021 23:07

Villegas Montoya operating southbound on Hobbs Reesor Road. Villegas Montoya skidded off the left side of the roadway in a right curve. Villegas Montoya then struck a culvert and earth embankment. Villegas Montoya stated the left front tire of the vehicle went flat in the curve.

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