Public Record



3/30: Michael S. Brooks, 44, Vine Grove, failure to appear.

3/31: Bryan M. Bauman, 30, Brandenburg, operating motor vehicle u/influence alcohol/subs-1st offense.

Michael C. Wilson, 34, Zanesville, OH, flagrant non support.

4/01: Morgan A. Wemes, 25, Battletown, failure to appear.

Dustin T. Rengers, 21, Battletown, operating on suspended or revoked license, failure to appear, fugitive (warrant not required).



3/31: Erin M. Dennison, 29, Glendale, operating motor vehicle u/influence of alcohol-1st offense.

William P. White, 25, Ekron, failure to appear x2.


3/31: William J. Armstrong, 49, Shelby, OH, operating motor vehicle u/influence of intox. Beverage-1st offense.

4/02: Larry D. Adler, 24, Brandenburg, assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury.

Lawrence B. Hardesty, 65, Webster, driving DUI suspended license-1st offense (agg. circum.).


2/25: Charlotte A. Utley to Megan E. Buckman, Old Mill Rd., Brandenburg, $25,800.

3/01: Doe Valley Association to James H. Bennett, Jr., Lot 32 Park Estates, Doe Valley, $15,000.

McGehee Humphrey & Davis to Canson Homes, Lot 40 Forest Ridge Estates, $22,500.

Kirjath D.(Elizabeth A.) Toney to Matthew S. (Jennifer P.) Hawkins, Newton St., Guston, 40.8 acres, $140,000.

Lauren M. Dotson to Ricky (Rhonda M.) Farmer, Lot 2 Burnett Estates, Vine Grove, $82,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Richard Kenealy, Green Valley Ranch Rd., Battletown, 13.33 acres, $200,000.

Doe Valley Association to Giles Enterprises, Lot 567 Glenoaks, Doe Valley, $15,000.

Doe Valley Association to Kelly A. Wilson, Lot 905 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $2,000.

William (Abby) Carter to National Residential Nominee Services, Green Valley Ranch Rd., Battletown, 13.33 acres, $200,000.

Darrell T. Ziegler to Kevin R. Davis, Lot 48 Flaherty Heights Subdivision, $26,000.

3/02: Pike & Pike Landholdings and Pike & Tucker to Matthew D. (Christina M.) Pike, Bethel Church Rd., Brandenburg, 16.682 acres, $116,774.

Richard O. Meuth to Douglas (Wilma) Cornett, Lot 1 Rolling Heights, $115,000.

Keep It New to Stull’s Heating, Cooling & Electric, HWY 448, $120,000.

3/03: Chris McGehee to Steve Redmon Construction, Lot 15 Valentine Farm Division, 1.264 acres, $32,500.

Mary D. Striegle to Melody L. Streible Jackson, Tract 4A French Farm Division, conveyance between parent and child.

WCM Land to Steve Redmon Construction, Lot 8A Ritchie Farm Division, 1.201 acres, $32,000.

3/04: C&M Boat and RV Storage to B&B Self Storage, Flaherty Rd., Vine Grove, $225,000.

Rober J. (Vicky L.) Schulenburg to Louis D. (Amy W.) Aebersold, Jr., Lot 19 Coffman Farm, Flaherty, 5.18 acres, $49,000.

James R. (Melanie M.) Thoma to Jordin Addesa and Garett Poole, Old Ekron Rd., Ekron, 1.0 acre, $182,000.

Medco Brandenburg RE to 814 Old Ekron Road Realty, Old Ekron Rd., Brandenburg, 0.0910 acres, $3,503,012.

3/05: Harold G. Lynch to Corrie J. (Shannon M.) Bigelow, Lot 4 Knoxwood Subdivision, $8,000.

Weick Land Company to James L. Wemes and William R. Wemes, Tract 8 Cummins Farm, $38,000.

Christopher W. (Apryl L.) Stansbury to Anthony (Samantha) Gardner, Tract 3&4 Wolf Creek Estate, 17.62 acres, $50,000.

Leslie (Debra K.) Medley to Thomas A. Gales, II, Lot 44 Flaherty Heights Subdivision, Flaherty, $119,900.

Ethan (Jaime A.) Schweitzer to Emily R. Chambers and Dylan T. Peters, Lot 15 Meadow Glenn Subdivision, $157,000.

Kenneth W. (Rosalie) Cox to Lee R. Davis, Jr., HWY 60, Guston, $427,500.

3/08: Nikesh (Dhvani) Patel to Pragneshkumar B. Patel, Lot 1&2 Hager Subdivision, $125,000.

Lonie L (Barbara A.) Clayton and Dennis R. (Anna M.) Whited to Ronald Speer and Wesley (Jaime) Speer, Lot 4&5 Wildwood Park, Battletown, $35,000.

Charles H. (Sharon I.) West to Tabitha H. Griffin, Lot 4 Buckler Knobs, $56,000.

David (Sarah A.) Allen to David Allen and Stephanie Kultti, Lot 5C East Mable St., Muldraugh, love and affection for his friend.

Estate of Hayden Hack to Eddie H. (Laura K.) Day, Lot 5&6, 2.68 acres, $35,000.

Jessey K. Conn to Timothy M. Millay, Jr. and Sydney E. Bruner, Lot 419 Doe Valley Greens, Doe Valley, $185,000.

RDM Services to Giles Enterprises, Lots 574&575 Glenoaks, Doe Valley, $14,8000.

Theresa A. Driver to Joel (Jessica) Grant, Unit 33, Building 6, Lakeview Condominiums, Doe Valley, $172,000.

Bryan A. Noyes to Carlton (Margaret) Haynes, Christian Church Rd., Brandenburg, 1.98 acres, $75,000.

Jeanie M. Williams to Amanda J. Barr, Battletown Rd., Brandenburg, 1.79 acres, $224,600.

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