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Public Record



3/30: Michael S. Brooks, 44, Vine Grove, failure to appear.

3/31: Bryan M. Bauman, 30, Brandenburg, operating motor vehicle u/influence alcohol/subs-1st offense.

Michael C. Wilson, 34, Zanesville, OH, flagrant non support.

4/01: Morgan A. Wemes, 25, Battletown, failure to appear.

Dustin T. Rengers, 21, Battletown, operating on suspended or revoked license, failure to appear, fugitive (warrant not required).



3/31: Erin M. Dennison, 29, Glendale, operating motor vehicle u/influence of alcohol-1st offense.

William P. White, 25, Ekron, failure to appear x2.


3/31: William J. Armstrong, 49, Shelby, OH, operating motor vehicle u/influence of intox. Beverage-1st offense.

4/02: Larry D. Adler, 24, Brandenburg, assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury.

Lawrence B. Hardesty, 65, Webster, driving DUI suspended license-1st offense (agg. circum.).


2/25: Charlotte A. Utley to Megan E. Buckman, Old Mill Rd., Brandenburg, $25,800.

3/01: Doe Valley Association to James H. Bennett, Jr., Lot 32 Park Estates, Doe Valley, $15,000.

McGehee Humphrey & Davis to Canson Homes, Lot 40 Forest Ridge Estates, $22,500.

Kirjath D.(Elizabeth A.) Toney to Matthew S. (Jennifer P.) Hawkins, Newton St., Guston, 40.8 acres, $140,000.

Lauren M. Dotson to Ricky (Rhonda M.) Farmer, Lot 2 Burnett Estates, Vine Grove, $82,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Richard Kenealy, Green Valley Ranch Rd., Battletown, 13.33 acres, $200,000.

Doe Valley Association to Giles Enterprises, Lot 567 Glenoaks, Doe Valley, $15,000.