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03/27/2021 16:33

Unit 1 was operating eastbound on Medley Dr. Unit 1 was being operated by Tyler Petty.

Petty advised that as he was approaching the curve in the road, a small animal had run out across the roadway. Petty stated that he got spooked and slammed on the gas instead of the brake.

Unit 1 left the roadway on the right shoulder. Unit 1 struck an earth embankment then continued traveling off the roadway until it struck a utility pole.

03/24/2021 13:52

Unit 1, which was operated by Schlaback, J, stated while going straight ahead on Shot Hunt RD, an orange Dodge pulled out of Corbett RD in front of him. To avoid the collision, he ran off the road. While trying to gain control of his vehicle, he over-corrected and ran off the other side of the road causing his vehicle to flip multiple times.

Unit 1 passenger, Autry, J stated the same.

NOTE: Deputy didn’t witness the collision.

03/28/2021 21:23

On 03/28/2021 Meade County Sheriff Deputy #925 had been dispatched at 21:00 hours to the location of Highway 376 Webster, KY on a motor vehicle accident with one injury.

When Deputy #925 arrived on the scene at 21:19 hours, Meade County Fire Department had already been on the scene treating the patient and cleaning debris from the roadway.

There had only been one vehicle involved in the accident, operated by a Norris, M Joshua.

Norris, M Joshua, who had been operating the vehicle, stated that while traveling to work another vehicle approached him and crossed into his lane forcing his vehicle off the road. As he overcorrected skidding into and then back out of the ditch rolling onto its side and coming to an upright stopping position in the roadway.

The Sheriff Deputy knows nothing else about this incident.

03/30/2021 17:03

On 30 March 2021 at 1705 hrs, [the deputy] was dispatched to a vehicle collision on HWY 60 at the intersection of Stewart Rd near Guston, KY.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Brandon Whitfill. Whitfill stated he was operating his vehicle traveling West on HWY 60. Whitfill stated the traffic in front of him slowed down so he changed lanes into the opposing lane of traffic since it was a passing zone. Whitfill passed a couple of vehicles and then collided with a car that was turning onto Steward Rd. then his vehicle flipped several times before coming to a complete stop. Whitfill stated the firefighters removed him from the vehicle before my arrival. Whitfill was transported by EMS for his injuries.

Next, [the deputy] spoke to Chloe Myers. Myers stated that she had her friend Penelope Quinones in the front passenger’s seat. Myers stated that she was traveling West on HWY 60 in her parents’ vehicle and she was making a left turn onto Stewart Rd. Myers used her turn signal and began slowing to make the turn when there was no oncoming traffic, she turned left. Halfway through the turn, a pickup truck struck her vehicle. Myers was transported by EMS for her injuries. Quinones denied needing medical attention and her guardians spoke to EMS to deny medical attention.

03/26/2021 18:23

A Joshua Norris reported that he found Dylan Riney off the side of the road across from Rabbit Run Rd. dazed, confused, and had what appeared to be minor scrapes and bruises. He stated that Dylan Riney had just been in a motorcycle accident.

Dylan Riney was in transit to the hospital via Meade County EMS before the deputy’s arrival.


04/07/2021 11:50

Aaron Burris stated that he lost control of the curve and was unable to correct it. Aaron Burris went off the left-hand side of the roadway and through a fence. Note: Deputy did not witness the collision.

04/04/2021 13:56

Andrea Maestas was traveling on KY 1692, she went off the right side of the road then overcorrected and went off the left side of the road and hit a ditch, and went airborne across a driveway before coming to rest. Note: deputy did not witness the collision.

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