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Public Record


04/16/2021 16:40

The deputy responded to KY1638 at Garnettsville Cemetery for a report of a noninjury collision.

Unit 1 operator, Diehlman C, stated while driving East KY1638 she saw a Hyundai car in front of Unit 2, that slammed on its breaks to turn left into Garnettsville Cemetery, then the vehicle continued and slammed its breaks on again causing her to strike Unit 2 in the rear. The Hyundai continued.

Unit 2 operator, Miller J, stated while driving east on KY1638 a Hyundai car acted like it was going to turn into the cemetery, but continued. Suddenly, the Hyundai slammed its breaks again, causing him to hit his breaks. That is when he felt Unit 1 struck him in the rear.

04/19/2021 21:13

The deputy was dispatched to Vine Grove in response to a single-vehicle collision with a cow.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Toni Cummins. Cummins stated that she was traveling West on St. Martin Rd. when a cow came from the left side of the road and ran in front of her Jeep. Cummins stated she collided with the cow and pulled into the driveway and waited for police.

Next, the deputy spoke to James Daley. Daley stated that it is his cow. The cow was deceased upon my arrival.


3/12: James M. (Carrie L.) Schulten to Steve (Terry) Brown, Kurtz Dr., Brandenburg, love and affection a daughter has for her parents.

3/15: Denise L. Conover to Bruce L. (Lauren) Caster, Jr., Sirocco Rd., 24.83 acres, $98,000.

Pike & Tucker to Jeffrey L. Roberts, Lot 48 Point Salem, Brandenburg, $59,000.

3/16: Crystal D. Miller and John R. Fuqua to Castle Holding, Garrett Rd., 1/4 acre, $105,000.

Steve Redmon Construction to Cody J. (Alysa N.) Rodgers, Lot 7A Ritchie Farm, 1.201 acres, $272,174.89.

3/17: Harold (Ginamarie) Vanhuss, Jr. To Tyler D. Vanderwege, Lot 31 Boak Mountain, 2 acres, $6,000.

Betty Tomes to William T. (Chelsea N.) Sauls, II, Green Acres, 7.6 acres, $80,000.

Thomas M. (Janet F.) Powell to Patrick C. (Katie M.) Myers, Rock Haven Rd., 4.768 acres, love and affection.