Public Record




MVP (Applicant), warehouse, $500,000.

Meade County Recycle Center, storm shelter, $18,000.

Bric Pace, home, $325,000.

Matt Barr, climate controlled self-storage, $130,000.

Taco Bell #37356 C & M Smith Restaurants Inc., Taco Bell Mexican Quick Serve Restaurant, $850,000.

Brad Curl/Rhonda Gagel, screen in deck, $10,000.

BBUMC, church renovation, $1,000,000.

OB Prop LLC, single family residence with full basement, $160,000.

Kathy Jones, garage, $50,000.

Lori Ball, new addition to back of house, $52,000.

Rena Singleton, replace old stairs with new stairs at north end of building at 134 Main Street, $2,000.

Jailhouse Pizza, shade for picnic tables, $2,200.



04/12/2021 17:54

Unit 1 was traveling southbound on Garrett Rd. Unit 1 was being operated by Susan Hall.

Susan stated that she was driving along and felt her right tires fall off the right shoulder. Susan stated that she tried to get her tires back on the roadway but could not.

It appears that Unit 1 left the roadway on the right shoulder just before 1350 Garrett Rd. Unit 1 traveled down the hillside and struck a tree. It appears that Unit 1 traveled up the tree a little bit before rolling over on the roof.

Witness – Deborah Robbins-Wilson advised she was in her front yard and witness the accident. Robbins-Wilson advised that she saw Unit 1 approaching her house. Robbins-Wilson advised that just before her residence she observed Unit 1 leave the roadway on the right shoulder. Robbins-Wilson advised after Unit 1 struck the tree, the vehicle drove up the tree before rolling over.

04/20/2021 19:58

On 4/20/2021 at 19:58, Meade County Sheriff’s Office received a call on a Harassing Communications between two people located at [redacted].

Deputy #925 received the call of service at 21:54 when he called out for normal shift duties. The other deputy on shift had been on a call during this event.

Deputy #925 made contact with Floyd, Charles [redacted] through a phone call at his request relayed through Meade County Dispatch. Through that phone call Floyd, Charles stated that he had been sitting in his vehicle when he had gotten into some kind of verbal altercation that turned into harassment and then a hit and run between a Benham, Daniel L.

Floyd, Charles stated that the above Benham, Daniel had been driving his vehicle recklessly in the area crashed into a non-moveable object and then placed his vehicle in reverse and crashed the rear of Floyd’s vehicle causing the vehicle’s rear bumper to be removed from it’s manufactured location. Then, Benham, Daniel sped off in an unknown direction of travel in his vehicle with damage in multiple locations.

The deputy asked Floyd, Charles to take several pictures of his vehicle for his records.

The deputy was not present during this incident and knows nothing of the event leading up to or after the event that had accrued between the two male adults.

Floyd, Charles had been advised to contact the Meade County’s Attorney’s Office for legal guidance in this sensitive subject.

Deputy #925 patrolled the area of Christian Church Rd, Evening Rose Ct., Weldon Rd., and the City of Brandenburg, Kentucky for hours in an attempt to make contact with the above Benham, Daniel with no success.

04/23/2021 09:57

Operators of Units 1 and 2 both stated that as they passed one another while traveling in opposite directions on Guston, Rd. the driver side mirrors on each unit made contact with one another.

Both operators refused medical attention.


04/23/2021 15:10

On 23 April 2021, [the deputy] arrived at US 60 and KY313 for a non-injury motor vehicle accident.

Unit 1 operator Downs, M stated while going West on US 60 his light had turned yellow, while trying to stop, his foot slipped and he continued through the intersection. He attempted to avoid the collision but struck Unit 2.

Unit 2 operator Douglas, B stated she had the green light to cross US 60 while crossing the intersection to drive towards Brandenburg, Unit 1 struck her car.

Note: Unit 1 operator; Downs, M had a suspended driver’s license, [the deputy] was unable to issue a citation at the scene due to a priority call holding, [the deputy] has filed a criminal complaint with the Meade County Attorney’s Office.

Note: Deputy did not witness the collision.

04/23/2021 16:00

On 23 April 2021, [the deputy] was dispatched to 1356 Hobbs Reesor Rd for a report of a motor vehicle accident with injury. When [the deputy] arrived, [the deputy] observed Unit 1 parked at the bottom of a hillcrest and Unit 2 had collided with the trailer attached to Unit 1. Unit 1 did have flashing lights and four ways on but it was parked under a hillcrest.

Unit 1 owner Hoskins, D stated he was out of his truck and had just gotten done unloading a shed. He didn’t see the collision but just heard it.

Unit 2 operator Hinton, C stated, while driving North on Hobbs Reesor Rd, he went over a hill and all of the sudden struck the trailer.

[the deputy] estimated that Unit 1 was only parked 3 feet off the road.

Deputy didn’t witness the collision, but a video was obtained from a home security system provided by Wheeler, Matthew.

04/23/2021 19:25

Unit 1 operator Bruner, T stated while backing out of [redacted] he didn’t see Unit 2 traveling the road and struck them. He stated he shouldn’t have backed out of the driveway.

Unit 2 operator Ayers, J stated while driving St. Martin Rd he saw Unit 1 backing out of the driveway. Unit 1 stopped so he continued and that’s when Unit 1 started to back up again causing them to collide.

Ayers, S stated she was behind her husband in Unit 2 and saw Unit 1 back into Unit 2.

Deputy didn’t witness the collision.

04/27/2021 10:07

The operators of Unit 2 & Unit 3, along with the witness, stated that Unit 1 & Unit 3 were traveling West on US 60 and that Unit 2 was traveling East on Us 60.

Operators of Unit 2, Unit 3, and witness all stated that Unit 1 crossed over the center line into the Eastbound lane, in front of Unit 2.

Krauss, Kirby stated that he thought Unit 1 would get back over into the Westbound lane before colliding into Unit 2 but she did not. Krauss, Kirby stated after the collision, he was going to pull off the shoulder but due to mechanical issues with Unit 2, caused Unit 2 to cross the Westbound lane, go off the shoulder, and come to rest in the wood line over rock embankment.

Church, Joyce stated that when Unit 1 collided with Unit 2, it caused Unit 2 to hit Unit 3 causing Unit 3 to spin around in the road.

Hanley, Jacinta stated that Unit 2 was across the center line in her lane (Westbound lane) of travel. She stated that she honked her vehicle’s horn and motioned with her hands to Operator of Unit 2 to get over and the 2 Units collided, causing Unit 1 to flip several times and come to rest on its top in the ditch of the Westbound lane.

Dash Cam video from Unit 2 confirmed that Unit 1 crossed the center line and collided with Unit 2 causing Unit 2 to collide with Unit 3.

Hanley, Jacinta was transported to the hospital via helicopter.


04/29/2021 06:47

Unit 1 left the scene before arrival.

Unit 2, Hunt, R stated that while going North on Brandenburg Rd just past Olin Rd a white car hit his van and continued driving. Hunt stated that he couldn’t see if it was a male or female, but got a good license plate.

Deputy didn’t witness the collision.


3/23: F.J. Espy Sr., Living Trust to Kenneth Heavrin, HWY 448, Brandenburg, 0.416 acres, $125,000.

Michael W. (Dora A.) Sullivan to Lynda R. O’Neal, Lot 238 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $200,000.

James Hines and Ione Hines to Lydia Signorelli-Brown, Lot 21 Meade Springs Meadow, 2 acres, $28,500.

3/24: Teresa L. Ferguson and David W. Ferguson to Stephen E. (Tamara S.) Sellers, Tract 24, Old Ekron Rd., 2.04 acres, $60,500.

Garland R. (Gayle) West to Newcomb Oil Co., Brandenburg R