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Public Record



4/28: Scott L. Parker was traveling southbound on Old Brandenburg Road. Parker traveled off the left side of the roadway and over a hill. Parker’s vehicle then overturned.

4/30: Tracy J. Carter stated that she was waiting to turn left from Joe Prather (KY313) onto Holston Lane. She also stated that she had her turn signal on. James P. Wathen stated that he was looking to the side and did not see Carter. Deputy did not witness the collision.

5/01: Stacey L. Robbins was traveling eastbound on KY 1239. Robbins appeared to have over0steered in a left curve. She traveled off the left shoulder of the roadway and struck a mailbox. She then continued down a grassy area off the left shoulder of the roadway and struck a tree. Robbins stated she had four or five beers within an hour of this collision.

5/02: Kelsey R. Trusty Miller was traveling westbound on KY 1692. Daniel T. Oelze was traveling eastbound on KY 1692. Miller crossed the center line and sideswiped Oelze. Miller started she may have dozed off. She said she was on her way home from work and was tired.


3/30: Steve Redmon Construction to James O. (Janice L.) Adams, Lot 15 Valentine Farm Division, 1.264 acres, $35,000.

Keith (Janice L.) Smith to Michael R. (Meghan E.) Norris, Lot 684 & 685 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $23,000.

Charles E. (Katelyn R.) Mattingly to Larry H. (Christy) Tolson, Lot 10 Whelan Subdivision, Flaherty, $165,000.

Steve Redmon Construction to Bret R. (Deborah A.) Davis, Lot 8A Ritchie 2 Farm, 1.201 acres, $37,000.

Doe Valley Association to Brandon S. (Katie M.) Helms, Lots 379, 380, 381, 382 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $29,000.

Bruce E. (Victoria A.) Shackett to John (Alexis) Maricevic, Lot 364 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $269,000.

Doe Valley Association to Eric S. Goodman, Lot 289 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $10,500.

Jon A. Whitfield to Pike & Tucker, 10.4 acres, $120,651.

R. Moore Properties to Kike & Tucker, KY 144, Payneville,10.671 acres, $50,000.

Anthony Stout to the City of Muldraugh, Main Street, Muldraugh, $5,000.

4/10: Lester (Ellen) Hobbs to Michelle C. Maddox, Piping Rock Condominiums, Doe Valley, $95,000.

Ford Real Estate Investments to Donald L. (Lora L.) Groah, Jr. and Marcella R. Groah, Lot 18 Country View Estates, $302,000.

Christopher M. Gosser to Daniel V. Webb, Lot 1127 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $300,000.

Ronald A. (Francese) Gatlin to KSK Construction, Lot 53 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $750.

Terry L. (Margaret S.) Engler to Burt (Amanda) Feather, Lot 33 Jennings Knob, Vine Grove, $68,000.

Laverne N. Pyles to Nathan W. Richardson, 5 acres, $130,000.