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05/12/2021 07:08 At approximately 0708 hrs, on 12 May 2021, Brinkley, Dana reported a motor vehicle accident on HWY 1638 (Old Mill Rd) adjacent to Mile Marker #5.

Investigation revealed that Norma Mullins while operating her vehicle traveling eastbound on HWY 1638 adjacent to Mile Marker #2, lost control, crossed the centerline of travel, entering the oncoming lane, and exited the left shoulder of the roadway. After leaving the shoulder of the roadway, Norma Mullins traveled approx. 242 feet, struck a dirt embankment, then traveled another 224 feet, struck a 3-rail plastic perimeter fence, rolled over 2 times for another 55 feet for a total distance of 521 feet. The impact of the fence and terrain resulted in Veh #1’s position of final rest on the left side of the vehicle, therefore, trapping Norma Mullins inside. After the eradication and removal of the top of the vehicle by the Meade County Fire Dept #1, Norma Mullins was removed from the vehicle, treated at the scene, and transported to the University of Louisville Hospital for further treatment and evaluation for external/internal injuries.


04/20: Michael R. (Jayne J.) Davis to Sharad Patel and Vishalkumar B. Patel, Lots 17 & 18 Wilson Place, $50,000.

Glenda H. Daugherty to Kosmos Cement Company, Buzzards Roost Road and HWY 228, Battletown, 10.349 acres, $367,500.

James J. Hines to Jeff Nott, Parcel 8 & 10 Walnut Ridge, 3.126 acres, $65,000.

Jason Humphrey to Uncle Steph’s Ice Cream and More, the intersection of Broadway and Old State Rd., Brandenburg, 0.819 acres, $75,000.

Dupin Enterprises to Abigail Maness and James Lee Bowles, Jr., Sandy Lane, Flaherty, 2.38 acres, $165,000.

Joseph A. (Stephanie A.) Heath to ZNCB, Tracts 18 & 19 Myers Place Subdivision, $44,900.

Thomas W. (Nita) Wimpee to Stephanie Wimpee, Lot 8 Wildwood Park, Battletown, conveyance between parent and child.

04/21: Roger (Megan L.) Beets, III to Marqise (Dinah) Goins, Lot 5A Timber Ridge, Guston, $232,000.

Corrie J. (Shannon M.) Bigelow to Isaac L. Poole and Michelle L. Cole, Lot 2, 3, & 4 Knoxwood Subdivision, $285,000.

Bernice West to Jessica A. West, Parcel 4 Carwile Place, $35,000.

Steve Redmon construction to Daniel T. (Amanda M.) Farris, Lot 15 Skees Farm, Brandenburg, $264,184.71.

04/22: Jennifer L. (Shane M.) Houle to William (Karen) Fields, Lot 13 Forrest Ridge Estates, 1.940 acres, $235,000.

Timothy A. (Janice A.) Kessinger and Thomas L. (Celia A.) Kessinger, Sr. to Timothy A. (Janice A.) Kessinger, Lot 3 Lakeview Estates, $30,000.

04/23: Ronnie (Chelsea) Krohn to Brian (Elizabeth A.) Burkhardt, Fairgrounds Rd., Brandenburg, 1.26 acres, $239,000.

Roy Lasley to Dustin C. Pike, Knob Rd., Wolf Creek, love and affection of grandparent for their grandchild.

04/26: Ralph K. (Deborah A.) Leitner to Eric L. (Marsha M.) Coomes, Wheatley Ave., Flaherty, 0.4018 acres, love and affection.

James J. Hines to Curtis (Rachel L.) Twyman, Lot 1 & 2 Walnut Ridge, Guston, $67,500.

Christopher M. (Jane) Cabrera to McNeal Family Real Estate Ventures, Lot 192A Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $145,000.

Nedra L. Pyles to Douglas L. (Bonnie L.) Biddle, Fred Fackler Rd., Ekron, 2.649 acres, love and affection that a mother has for her children.

William H. Lafayette, Jr. to DNK, HWY 448, Brandenburg, 0.155 acres, $195,000.

04/27: Joe C. (Nessa M.) Reynolds to Bobby (Stephanie) Phelps, Haysville Rd., Guston, 1 acre, $156,000.

Dustin R. Hess and Amerifirst Financial Corporation to Redhead, Bewley Way Rd., Flaherty, 1.266 acres, $167,000.

Kendell B. Smith to Joshua (Brittany) Jarboe, HWY 1692 and Bar Water Rd., $130,000.

George W. (Courtney R.) Stofel, IV to Jamie S. Vincent, HWY 1638, Brandenburg, 1 acre, $138,000.

04/28: Harold E. (Ana L.) Davidson to Kathy Blanton and James E. (Calista M.) Robey, Old State Rd., Brandenburg, 2.94 acres, $277,000.

Charles O. (Yvonne S.) Logsdon to Dustin (Lindsay) Franks, Coleman Rd., Flaherty, 2.263 acres, $480,000.

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