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Public Record



05/18: Donnie R. Helm stated he applied his brakes as he entered the drive of the duplex at Marie Lane when his ABS light came on. He stated the brake pedal was “hard as a rock” and the vehicle would not stop. The vehicle struck the duplex.

05/21: Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to Dessie M. Stone. Stone reported she had turned too early, left the roadway, and struck the road sign. Stone was operating her father’s vehicle. Stone had her two sons as passengers in the back seat. No visible injuries were present and all parties denied needing medical attention.

05/22: Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with David A. Lee. Lee stated he was following Mahala A. Johnson on St. Martin Rd. Leaving Flaherty. Lee stated that Johnson was driving slow as he followed approximately 5 to 6 car lengths behind. Lee stated Johnson was driving approximately 50 MPH as he followed. Lee stated as both their vehicles approached Dugout Lane, he began to pass her. Lee Stated he increased speed to approximately 60-65 MPH in order to pass but could not recall the exact speed. Lee stated that he began to pass her and was not sure if she jerked the wheel or what happened. Lee stated Johnson’s vehicle crossed the centerline and struck his on the passenger side front fender behind the front bumper. Lee stated that he had to get on the edge of the road in order to pass her.

Johnson stated that Lee was tailgating her as she was driving approximately 60 MPH. Johnson stated that when they approached Dugout Lane Lee began to pass her. Johnson stated that Lee stuck her vehicle on the driver’s side starting at the driver’s side rear quarter panel, down passed the driver side door and knocked her driver’s side mirror off. Johnson stated that she did not cross the centerline. She stated that Lee was traveling at a high rate of speed as he was passing her.

05/24: Debra W. Herrod was traveling eastbound on KY 1692 (Fairground Rd.). She stated that she was extremely tired from work and did remember running off of the right shoulder of the road, down an embankment, across a field, and across Kirchdorfer Ln. She stated that she knew she had a flat tire and tried to drive her truck anyway. The truck had, in fact, 2 flat tires on the front and Herrod did not stay at the scene after the collision. She was transported to Harrison Co. Hospital in Corydon, IN for observation. Deputy did not witness the collision.

05/28: Krysten A. Hiner stated that Leroy Cannon was waiting to make a left turn onto KY 1638 from KY 313. She stated that she applied the brakes on her vehicle, but was unable to stop before colliding into the trailer hitch of Cannon’s vehicle. Deputy did not witness the collision.

05/31: Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Nasir K. Taha. Taha stated he was traveling west on HWY 79 when his front driver’s side tire blew, causing him to cross into the east lane.. Taha stated he then came to rest off the roadway into the fence. Taha could not produce a valid driver’s license, insurance information, or registration receipt. The vehicle did not have a current Kentucky license plate. Taha was cited for the above violations. The property owner was contacted regarding the damage to the property.

06/01: Kathleen D. Reesor was traveling on Old Ekron Road when she lost control and went off the right side of the roadway. She continued through a yard before striking a guide wired then a stump before coming to rest. Deputy did not witness the collision.


05/07: Phyllis Allen to William D. (Stacy J.) Trent, Knob Rd., Battletown, 50.8 acres, $84,000.

Marvin (Mabel E.) Collins to Joshua S. (Susan A.) Meador, Lot 126 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $325,000.

Jay T. (Teresa L.) Johnson to Jay T. (Teresa L.) Johnson, Sr. and Jay T. Johnson, Jr., Lot 8 Long Valley Estates, $13,500.

Tondra D. Hockman to Christopher S. (Crystal J.) Moody, Tract 16 Hamilton Place, 5.78 acres, $15,000.

W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed to Jay (Teresa) Johnson, Lot 8 Long Valley Estates, $14,000.

David W. (Nancy S.) Padgett to Kelly R. (Kelli L.) Padgett, Rabbit Run Rd., 0.58 acres, $1,450.

Doe Valley Association to Jeffrey A. (Heather P.) Watrous, Lot 297 Doe Valley Green, $8,000.

Harold D. Collins to Chauncey D. Harlan, Pack Farm Rd., 1.05 acres, $29,000.

Doe Valley Association to Louis G. (Jane F.) Took, Lot 18 Cedar Point, Doe Valley, $80,000.

05/10: William (Ellen) Lindsey to Kevin Lusk, Lot 863 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $1.00.

Tobin D. (Kristin N.) Whobrey to Ethan M. Smith, Lot 120 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $195,000.