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05/28/2021 21:57: Unit 1 was traveling westbound on Fackler Rd. Unit 1 was being operated by James Shemwell.

James advised that he was going around the curve and lost control of his vehicle. James advised that it was raining pretty hard and his tires were bad. James stated that he went off the road and struck a tree.

It appeared that Unit 1’s tires did not have any tread on them.

06/08/2021 20:24: On the listed date at 1858 hrs., [the deputy] was dispatched to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Allen Rd and Rock Ridge Rd. Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Shane Hupp. Hupp reported that he was traveling East on Rock Ridge Rd in his recently purchased vehicle and was making a right turn onto Allen Rd. when he collided with a vehicle that was stopped at the stop sign waiting to pull onto Rock Ridge Rd. Hupp reported that he does not have insurance and he has not registered his vehicle.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Danielle Caswell. Caswell reported that she was traveling North on Allen Rd in her vehicle and she had stopped at the stop sign at Rock Ridge Rd when the other vehicle collided with her vehicle.

06/09/2021 17:40: On the listed date at 1740 hrs., [the deputy] was dispatched to a single-vehicle on HWY 60 for a report of a hit and run. Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Blaze Abner. Abner reported he was traveling East on US 60 in his vehicle belonging to Breckinridge County EMS when an unknown vehicle came into his lane of travel and collided with his driver’s side mirror. Abner could recall no other events or details of the other vehicle besides it was traveling west on US 60 and continued traveling.

06/11/2021 14:36: On the listed date at approx. 1436 hrs., Meade County Dispatch received a call of a motor vehicle noninjury collision that occurred at the intersection of Farris Rd and Doe Run Ekron Rd.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] made contact with the driver (Holt, Patricia) of Unit 1. Holt stated she had been traveling southwest on Doe Run Ekron Rd. Holt stated she turned onto Farris Rd now traveling south and struck Unit 2 on the driver’s side. Holt stated she did not see how far Unit 2 had pulled up to the stop sign at the intersection. Holt stated she thought she had turned with enough room but had cut the turn short.

[the deputy] then spoke to the driver (Tucker, Bennett) Of Unit 2. Tucker stated he had been traveling north on Farris Rd and was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection to turn west onto Doe Run Ekron Rd. Tucker stated Unit 1 started to make the turn onto Farris Rd and struck Unit 2 on the driver’s side.

06/12/2021 10:30:On the listed date at 1030 hrs., [the deputy] was dispatched to HWY 60 and HWY 313 intersection for a two-vehicle accident.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Samara Grant. Grant reported that she was traveling south on HWY 313 through the intersection, at a green light, in her vehicle, when a vehicle in the opposing lane turned in front of her and she collided with the vehicle in the middle of the intersection. Grant stated she was traveling 40-45 MPH through the intersection.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Tony Fackler. Fackler reported he was traveling North on HWY 313 and he was making a left turn onto US 60 in his vehicle. Fackler reported the vehicle in front of him turned and proceeded through the intersection so he proceeded through the intersection. Halfway through his turn, an oncoming vehicle collided with the passengers’ side of his vehicle causing his vehicle to overturn.

06/14/2021 00:49 On the listed date at approximately 0049 HRS, Meade County Dispatch received a call of a single motor vehicle collision with injury at the barrier on North Dixie Highway.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] made contact with the driver (Hager, Larry). Hager stated he was driving his vehicle north on Dixie Highway. Hager stated that he was on the inside lane closest to the center barrier. Hager stated as he approached the center barrier, he had dropped a medicine bottle in the floorboard. Hager stated he reached down to retrieve the medicine bottle and must have jerked the steering wheel causing his truck to strike the center barrier.


06/03: Jason (Gwen) Gallimore to Pike & Pike Landholdings, Lot 3 Meade Springs Meadow, Brandenburg, $295,000.

Leonard J. (Vicki S.) Lococo, Jr. to Stacy (Susanne) Cole, Lot 463 Doe Valley Greens, $8,500.

Century Choice Properties to Steven R. (Vickie M.) Laick and William R. Clark, HWY 1638, 2 acres, $117,000.

06/04: Doe Valley Association to Charles R. (Susan) Lembach, Lot 908 Wildflower Ridge, $1.

Estate of Worth E. Howard, Jr. to Adrieane K. Howard, KY 228, Brandenburg, 8.1887 acres, $589,000.

Hershal D. (Sherry A. Ward) Price to Hannah E. Padgett, Hill Grove Rd., 76.13 acres, love and affection.

Pike & Tucker to Paul T. (Melody S.) Latta, HWY 144, Payneville, 1.445 acres, $39,9000.

Hershal D. (Sherry A. Ward) Price to Hershal D. (Sherry A. Ward) Price and Hannah E. Padgett, Lot 1 Belgian Estates, 6.318 acres, love and affection.

06/07: Kenneth Heavrin and B.J. Espy, Sr., Living Trust to Todd E. (Christiane E.) Flory, Lot 23 Warren Farm Division, $10,000.

Michael A. (Lavinia P.) Waits to Craig M. (Brittany E.) Tryzbiak, Lot 475 Doe Valley Greens, $397,000.

Michael M. (Shelley J.) Williams to Kyle (Jessica) Nebelsick, Lot 270 Audubon Woods, $275,000.

06/08: Brenda A. Trent to Richard N. Chism, Unit 560A Hillcrest Greens Patio Homes Condominiums, Brandenburg, $145,980.51.

Estate of Bonnie Jean Melton to Louisa A. Bryant, Lot 9A Ohio View Subdivision, $229,900.

Unknown Spouse of Daniel A. Vaccaro, unknown spouse of Zoe Vaccaro, Julie Graham as Administratrix of the Estate of Daniel A. Vaccaro, Zoe Vaccaro, Tyler Vaccaro and Pennymac Loan Services to Dupin Enterprises, Lot 45 & 46 Point Salem Development, $184,000.

The Estate of Robert M. Abel to Robert L. (Linda) Greenwell, Lot 50 The Station, Brandenburg, $150,000.

Qwyntrell (Alisa M.) Christiason to Adam C. (Tina) Dumont, Lot 1C Thompson Hills Estates, $300,000.

Estate of John P. Clark to Redeye’s, 20 acres, $100,000.

06/09: Curtis S. Rafferty (Karyn B.) Rafferty to The Stephanie Davis Irrevocable Trust and John Davis, HWY 1239 and HWY 144, Payneville, 2 acres, $1,388,354.

Tabitha L. Smith to Caleb G. (Rachel A.) Cordy, Lot 49 Rosewood Estate, Ekron, $130,000.

Jeffrey (Shauna L.) Hurt to Joshua S. Rodgers, Liberty Rd., Battletown, 2 acres, $151,000.

06/10: Nicholas E. Donato, Jr. and Donna M. Renna’Donato to Nicholas Donato, III, Buckys Rd., Webster, $15,000.

R.B. Dowell, Jr. to Fred L. Sipes, 157 23/100 acres, $727,835.60.

Lance E. (Nancy W.) Clark to Jason (Heidi) Cruz, Lot 42 River Cliff, Brandenburg, $320,000.

Steve Redmon Construction to Larry (Tracy) Lyles, Jr., Parcel 3 Dixie Capps Minor Plat, 1.51 acres, $258,428.

Paul Stull Building and Remodeling to Donald (Agnes) Westberry, Lot 4 Cedar Point Estates, Brandenburg, $370,400.

Ronald D. Gregory to CESD Homes, Lot 31 The Knobs Subdivision, $83,500.

Estate of Joseph L. Kelly to Jennifer Rhodes and Marty Claycomb, Charlie Pile Rd., Guston, 5.78 acres, $72,500.

CAAS to Thomas K. (Monica J.) Dirbas, Lot 321-A Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $6,000.

Alexander (Lisa) Johnson to Redhead, Bee Knob Hill Rd., Ekron, 1.11 acres, $127,228.45.

06/11: The Estate of Joseph L. Kelly to Pike & Tucker, Wesley Guy Farm Lots 4, 5, & 6, 4.31 acres, $45,000.

J J & J Investments to United Land of America, Lot 14 Warren Place, Vine Grove, $5,000.

Steven T. (Sandra C.) Dowell to Kenneth Hardesty, Andyville, 4.02 acres, $20,000.

Carolyn R. Lyman to Cynthia L. Mattingly, Lot 13 Oak Ridge Estates, $225,472.79.

Andrew J. (Ashley) Mars to Monica C. Jimenez, Lot 16 Woodland Meadows, $242,900.

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