Public Record


*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law*




12/15: Velinda F. Eason, 53, Rhodelia, theft of mail matter.

12/15: Megan L. Papia, 32, Rhodelia, theft of mail matter.

12/16: Randall E. Greenwell, Jr., 31, Webster, failure to appear; leaving scene of accident – failure to render aid or assistance; no registration plates; failure of non-owner operator to maintain req ins/sec, 1st offense; wanton endangerment – 1st degree.

12/17: Ryan A. Trent, 22, Battletown, operating on sus or rev operator’s license; failure to register transfer of motor vehicle; obstructed vision and/or windshield; no registration plates.

12/17: Amanda L. Webb, 39, Ekron, operating motor vehicle u/infl alcohol .08 – 1st (agg cir); wanton endangerment – 2nd degree.

12/18: Aaron T. Jackson, 37, Brandenburg, probation violation (for felony offense); probation violation (for felony offense).

12/18: Deonne M. Brown, 46, Webster, violation of conditions of release.

12/18: Britteney L. Stewart, 34, Mauckport, IN, fugitive from another state – warrant required.

12/22: Justin C. Staples, 33, Payneville, probation violation (for felony offense); probation violation (for felony offense); drug paraphernalia – buy/possess; possession controlled substance, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine).

12/26: Cody M. Oliver, 20, Payneville, failure to appear; speeding 25 mph over limit; operating on sus or rev operator license.

12/27: Lawrence B. Hardesty, 65, Webster, operating motor vehicle u/influence alcohol .08 – 1st.

12/27: Lamar A. Sharp, 33, Battletown, fugitive from another state – warrant required.

12/27: James M. Thompson, 28, Vine Grove, failure to appear.

12/28: Cassandra J. Smith, 32, Brandenburg, fraudulent use of credit card $10,000 or more.

12/28: W. Hayes Edelen, 40, Ekron, probation violation (for felony offense).

12/29: George R. Hasher II, 30, Brandenburg, probation violation (for felony offense); flagrant non-support.

12/29: Hunter R. Holston, 24, Vine Grove, failure to appear; possession controlled substance, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine).

12/29: Michael C. Shoulders, 70, Brandenburg, assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury.



12/19: Donte J. Brian, 32, Louisville, burglary, 3rd degree; possession of burglary tools; criminal mischief, 3rd degree.

12/20: Vernal R. Valladarez, 28, Louisville, reckless driving; no operators – moped license; operating motor vehicle u/influence alcohol .08 – 1st.

12/22: Brenda L. Douglas, 48, Muldraugh, failure to appear.

12/23: Emmalee M. Gehm, 26, Louisville, burglary, 2nd degree; receiving stolen property $10,000 or more.

Brandenburg Police Department

12/14: Joshua A. Thomas, 26, Muldraugh, fugitive (warrant not required).

12/17: Sandra A. Henken, 45, Vine Grove, theft by deception or disp shoplifting u/$5000; possession controlled substance, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine; drug paraphernalia – buy/possess.

12/20: Jason S. Parks, 36, Irvington, operating motor vehicle u/influence of alcohol .08, 1st offense.

12/22: James R. Mahoney, 19, Louisville, no registration receipt; failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; license to be in possession; instructional permit violations; possession of marijuana; unlawful transaction w/minor, 2nd degree.


12/17: Daniel R. Thompson, 29, Battletown, unlawful imprisonment – 1st degree.



 12/26: Joseph M. McIntosh, 53, Brandenburg, driving DUI suspended license – 1st offense (agg cir).

Meade County Detention Center

12/24: Jacqueline D. Elwell, 33, Louisville, failure to appear x3.

12/24: Chace A. Carroll, 18, Louisville, robbery, 1st degree; failure to appear; escape 2nd degree – (identify facility); tampering w/prisoner monitoring device.




11/19: Tammy G. Jeffries and Lucas d. Balentine were traveling on Fairway Drive in the opposite directions. Both units hit mirrors due to the roadway being narrow.

11/21: Michelle L. Post stated while driving towards Brandenburg on KY 1638, a deer crossed her lane of travel. She swerved to miss the deer. When doing that, her car lost traction, got sideways, crossed center line, struck a state highway sign, and came to final rest in the ditch line against a rock.

11/22: When the deputy arrived, Holland Knowland had already had her vehicle pulled out of the fence row by the property owner Tom Hutchins. Knowland stated that while traveling east on KY 144, she went around the curve and her vehicle lost traction causing her to veer across center line into a fence row owned by Hutchins.

11/22: Kenneth R. Beasley was traveling northbound on Payneville Rd. Beasley stated that he was in the curve while heading uphill on Payneville Rd. He started when he was about halfway up the hill the rear of his vehicle lost traction and started to slide. The vehicle slid across the center lane and went off the southbound shoulder. The rear of the vehicle struck the side of an earth embankment.

11/23: Leason H. Ratliff stated that he was traveling eastbound on Joe Prather Highway when a deer jumped over the guardrail in front of him. He stated he was unable to avoid the collision.

11/24: Shane D. Meadows stated that there a deer was in the roadway. Operator went to the right but was unable to regain control of his vehicle and ran off the roadway into a ditch.

11/27: Cody S. Burris stated there were cars in the turning lane, turning off KY 313 and began t turn onto KY 313 when he struck Gregory Jupin on the side. Burris had a passenger in the vehicle who stated the same story as Burris. Gregory Jupin stated he was traveling southbound on KY 313 passing through the intersection when he observed Burris pulling out of the intersection. He was unable to avoid Burris. Jupin stated after Burris struck him that his truck flipped on the roadway several times coming to rest on the guardrail. Jupin was unable to produce insurance on the day of the collision. Burris had a smell of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. SFST was conducted by Deputy Sailor, 2/6 clues HGN, 0/8 clues WNT, and 0/4 clues OLS. PBT showed presence of alcohol. Burris agreed to complied consent. Certified Intoxilyzer result 0.019. Burris refused blood test at his own expense. DUI investigation closed due to subject not being under the influence.

11/28: Gilbert M. Edlin stated that he was veering south on US 31W when the vehicle in front of him slowed down due to a turning vehicle in front of them. Edlin collided with the back of the vehicle in front of him. Viola L. Auvil stated that she was bearing south on US 31W when she was slowing down because the vehicle in front of her was turning left. The vehicle behind her struck the rear of her vehicle.

11/28: Tina M. Clark stated that she was bearing west on HWY 1l638 when the vehicle in front of her slammed on the brakes to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front of it. The vehicle in the front of the line was making a left turn onto Tammy Ln. Clark applied her brakes and tried to swerve away from the vehicle in front of her. There was oncoming traffic, so she collided with the vehicle in front of her. Grover W. Beard, Jr. stated he was bearing west on HWY 1638 when the vehicle in front of him stopped very suddenly to make a turn. Beard described the vehicle as a newer Pontiac G6, white in color, and with no taillight. Beard stated he swerved into the right side of the road to avoid colliding with vehicle in front of him and the vehicle behind hi struck the back of his vehicle.

11/28: Dennis T. Smeaton was traveling southbound on KY 313 and struck a bull that was in the southbound lane of the roadway. Meade County Animal Control responded to the scene. After speaking with surrounding farmers, officers were unable to locate the owner of the bull.

12/01: Lynnzie M. Bosemer stated that she had attempted to cross the Otter Creek bridge on HWY 1638 safely but had lost control of the vehicle when the operator encountered an iced-over bridge due to poor weather conditions and the darkness of the night.

12/01: Upon arrival, Deputies Singleton, Sailor and Hopkins observed a car sitting off the roadway against a small embankment. The driver of the car, Dustin J. Hopkins and a passenger were in the car. There were two mailboxes that were identified and were knocked down during the accident, as well as some minor property damage to a driveway. A Mr. Richardson was identified as the property owner. Hopkins stated that he did not recall the events of the accident. The passenger stated that they were traveling on HWY 60 when she noticed the car crossing the centerline and left the roadway. She stated that she attempted to wake Hopkins up who she believed had fallen asleep. A witness who saw the accident occur stated he was traveling eastbound on HWY 60 when he observed the car at a high rate of speed cross centerline in his lane and then left the roadway.

12/04: Issac T. Singleton was traveling westbound on KY 228. He traveled off the left side of the roadway in a right curve. The vehicle traveled through a fence and struck an earth embankment. The vehicle came to rest in a field off the left side of the roadway.

12/04: Delaney K. Cooper stated that she may have been going too fast and hydroplaned in a curve and went across the roadway and through a fence.

12/06: Ronnie A. Board stated that there were deer in the roadway, and he swerved to miss them. He then went off the roadway and collided into a rock wall.

12/10: Rebecca D. Walters was traveling westbound on Fairgrounds Rd. April L. Meeks was traveling westbound in front of Walters. Meeks stated that she had approached the stop sign at the intersection on Payneville Rd. and Fairgrounds Rd. Meeks stated that there were a lot of vehicles traveling both ways on Payneville Rd. Meeks stated that she was getting ready to make a right turn onto Payneville Rd. but stopped due to the sun glaring in her eyes. Meeks stated that is when Walters struck the rear of her vehicle. Walters stated that she was behind Meeks and thought that she had already made her turn. Walters stated that between the sun glare and looking left she did not realize Walters had stopped until she struck the rear of her vehicle.

12/13: Cylie E. Vaugh stated that she was driving down the road and just came out of a slight curve when her vehicle started to lose control. It appears that Vaugh’s vehicle exited the roadway, crossed over the eastbound land and struck a county road sign. Vaugh’s vehicle continued traveling on the eastbound shoulder. Vaugh’s vehicle also struck a mailbox.


12/03: Steven W. (Karen M.) Alubach and John C. (Mary E.) Robinson, SR. to James A. (Danielle C.) Vessels, 59.974 acres, Marjorie Hardesty Estate Section 3, $187,500.

Kenneth A. Hardesty to Curtis S. (Karyn B.) Rafferty, 2 acres, HWY 1239, $135,000.

Timothy (Donna) McCollum and James B. (Pamela J.) Chism to Larry O. Taylor, 0.59 acres, HWY 1638, $80,000.

Lori K. Ball to Kyle (Ashley) Melloy, lots 9 & 10A River Edge Subdivision, $85,000.

Warren (Patricia) Shiroma to Olivia M. Holtzclaw, 11 acres, HWY 79, Guston, $22,000.

12/04: W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed to Terry L. (Amy) Howard, lot 15 Creek View Estates, Vine Grove, $59,000.

Terry L. (Amy) Howard to Coye L. Keller, lot 15 Creek View Estates, Vine Grove, $172,000.

12/07: B.J. Espy, Sr. living trust and Kenneth Heavrin to Charlotte Tucker, lot 14 Falling Oaks Estate, $12,700.

Patricia L. Greenwell to Davon T. (Ashley A.) Moser, Sr., lot 28 Eastwood Hills Addition, 0.4596 acres, $127,000.

Jessie P. (Priscilla M.) Devries to Nathan (Rebecca A.) Darnell, lot 476 Havenwood, Doe Valley, $226,100.

Travis M. (Shelby L.) Hardcastle to Bradley F. (Haley M.) Olsen, lot 42A Wilson Place, 1 acre, $139,000.

Wendy O. Mohamed, Alicia R. Marstall & Dennis Marstall to Barbara A. Jackson, Twin Lakes Drive, Ekron, 16.72 acres, $36,225.

Barbara A. Jackson to Brandon D. (Holly E.) Pollock, Twin Lakes Drive, Ekron, 16.72 acres, $200,000.

Michael S. (Jordan) Hampton to Kyle (Katelyn) Carver, lot 70 the Station, Brandenburg, $155,000.

Robert (Peggy) Borchert to Vanessa L. Carroll, lot 32 Coyote Forest Subdivision, Brandenburg, $186,000.

Brandon D. (Holly E.) Pollock to Clifton R. Ausbrooks, Twin Lakes Drive, Ekron, 1.35 acres, $200,000.

12/08: Nancye Lynn to Sara (Steven) Waters, lot 132 Doe Valley Park Estates, estimated fair cash value = $5,500.

Dixie M. Capps to Jeffrey A Nott, Echo Valley, Brandenburg, 1.599 acres, $150,150.

Justin D. Hicks to Preston R. Clark and Alexandra Isa Q. Kerr, KY 1816, 2.0024 acres, $155,500.

12/09: Jerrica L (Jeremy A.) Awbrey to Jessie (Priscilla M.) Devries, lot 728 Wildflower Ridge, doe Valley, $280,500.

Columbia Litho, Inc. to KSK Construction, LLC, lot 308 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $500.