Public Record


06/15/2021 13:07

Zechariah Perry stated that Scobee went to the right, so he thought he was letting him around since it was a passing zone. The operator also stated that he did not see Scobee’s turn signal. Scobee (Scobee, James) operator stated that he had his turn signal on and was starting to make a left-hand turn when Perry collided with his tires and wheels as he was trying to pass.

06/16/2021 20:47

On the listed date, Meade County Dispatch received a call of a hit and run at the Valero Service Station in Flaherty.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] contacted the caller (Fisher, Melissa). Fisher stated she was parked getting gas at pump 2 with Unit 2. Fisher stated Unit 1 began backing out of a parking spot. Fisher stated Unit 1 struck Unit 2 in the front driver side bumper. Fisher stated she yelled at the driver of Unit 1 (Devine, Victoria) to stop. Fisher stated Unit 1 continued out of the parking lot, made a left turn west onto Rabbit Run Road, and then made a right turn north onto Flaherty Road. Fisher got the description of Unit 1 as well as the license plate number.

[The deputy] contacted Devine on 06/19/2021 about the collision. Devine stated she did not know Unit 1 struck Unit 2. Devine stated she did not hear Fisher yelling at her after the collision to stop. Devine stated she continued to leave the Valero. Devine stated there was no damage to Unit 1.

06/18/2021 07:55 Unit 1 was traveling North on KY 1919 and Unit 2 was traveling South. At 2990 Jarboe Sinks Rd., it appeared by the marks on the road, that Unit 1 was rounding the curve on the wrong side of the road. It also appeared that Unit 2 was actually off onto the southbound shoulder before the impact.

The Operator of Unit 1 (Smith, Brenton) stated that Unit 2 appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed and collided into Unit 1.

The Operator of Unit 2 (Greenwell, James III) stated that Unit 1 was in his travel lane, so he went off the road onto the southbound shoulder trying to avoid a collision. The operator of Unit 2 stated that his left knee was sore.

06/19/2021 05:53

Unit 1 was being operated westbound on KY 1600. Unit 1 traveled off the left shoulder of the roadway in a right curve. Unit 1 struck a culvert and a Rose of Sheron bush. Unit 1 came to rest the yard of a private residence. The operator of Unit 1 was uncooperative and refused to say if he had insurance.

06/23/2021 07:35 Operator of Unit 1 (Hazelton, Henry) stated that he does not see the color red well and did not see Unit 2 stopped, waiting to make a left turn onto Coleman Rd. from Southbound Rineyville Rd.

He stated that by the time he saw Unit 2 stopped, it was too late. He stated that he attempted to swerve into a Northbound Lane to avoid colliding into the rear of Unit 2 and collided into the front of Unit 3, as well as the left side of Unit 2.

Drivers of Unit 2 and Unit 3 and a witness confirmed what the Driver of Unit 1 said.


06/14: Kaleb (Katelyn) Wyman to Clearleaf Short Alternative Fund, Greenwell-Barr Rd., 2 64/100 acres, $63,000.

Virginian Miller and C.K. Miller Irrevocable Trust, The Estate of Robert A. Miller, Brandon (Allyn H. Miller) Zilka, Emily M. Miller and William J. Rhodes, Matthew S. (Brittani M.). Miller, Ronald L. (Betty B. Miller) Barger and Donald (Martha M. Miller) Schuler to SCL development, Old Ekron Rd., Old State Rd., and Kentucky Avenue, Brandenburg, 60.022 acres, $480,000.

William P (Tina M.) Heidenreich to Stanley (Tamara) Quire, Lots 15 & 16 Oakwood Subdivision, $185,000.

Doug (Bonnie) Biddle to Allen G. (Erin) Priddy, HWY 1638, Brandenburg, 4.557 acres, $7,000.

06/15: Rick E. (Kimberly A.) Ayer to Joshua (Heather) Eggar, Lot 71 Doe Valley Park Estates, 0.795 acres, $485,000.

Jeffrey B. (Chrystal) Austin to Carl R. Austin, driveway ingress/egress/parking easement to Shopko & lot, Brandenburg, $100.

06/16: T.E. Property to Adam D. (Marissa L.) Run-on, Lot 349 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $373,400.

Tracey (Erin) Ashley to Jeremy T. (Amber R.) Turnipseed, Lot 424 Doe Valley Greens, $301,500.

06/17: Mark R. (Emma M.) Singleton to David (Brandy J.) Henderson, Liberty Rd. Battletown, 2 acres, $124,500.

Gary (Robin) Yates to Relentless Holdings, Lot 97 Muldraugh Addition, 1.36 acres, and Main Street, Muldraugh, 0.7336 acres, $800,000.

06/18: Deborah L. Yates to Seth J. Dukes and Alexa L. Helton, Lot 12 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $246,000.

Mark E. (Patricia J.) Greenwell and Mary N. Scheider to Daniel D. (Krista M. Popham) Jones, Lot 211 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $255,500.

Eric Kieslich to Eberhard (Monika) Kieslich, Tract 1 Barr Farm Division, 5.15 acres, conveyance between parent and child.

Jeffrey A. (Darla J.) Watts to Jesse H. Kennedy, Jr., Lot 53 & 55 Primrose Estate, $6,000.

Michael R. Kupper Living Trust to Cedar Hill Properties, Lots 250 & 251 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $10,000.

Jesse E. Hogan to T&E Properties, Lots 248 & 249 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $10,000.

06/21: Estate of Joseph P. Speaks to Gary (Bobbi J.) Poole, Lot 7 & 8 Echo Valley, $330,000.

Linda Jenkins to David F. Jenkins, Jr., HWY 1692, 28.54 acres, love and affection for a son.

The Estate of Stella Howard to Timothy P. Howard, Lots 3 ,4, 5 East Street, Guston, love and affection of a brother for a brother.

The Estate of Stella Howard to Timothy P. Howard, Lots 1, 2 & 3 Guston, love and affection of a brother for a brother.

U.S. Bank Trust to Marty Claycomb, Lot 25 Robbins Estates plus 0.310 tract, Redbird Court, Garrett, $92,507.

Steve Redmon Construction to Hector L. (Ana Santiago-Ortiz) Santiago, Parcel 2 Dixie Capps Minor Plat, 1.838 acres, $318,876.

06/22: McGehee Holdings to Terri L. Thornton, Lot 9 Sunny Meadows, $50,000.

Doe Valley Association to Rebecca L. Nowell, Lot 387 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $8,000.

Deborah S. Standiford to Amanda Pike, Lot 59 Creek View Estates, love and affection for a daughter.

Kenneth (Deborah) Brown, Deedreia Brown and Kendra Glaeser to Kimberly J. West, Old Ekron Rd. and Board Rd., 1 acre, $46,000.

06/23: McGehee Humphrey & Davis to Shannon Cziwey and David Rathbone, Parcel 3 Joyce Felts Farm, 7.259 acres, $40,000.

Danny (Jennifer) Rhodes and Jalen (Kristin) Hardcastle, Lot 8 Southern Park Edition, Brandenburg, $144,001.

Timothy A. (Erin) Thomas to Cameron M. Powers and Thomas A. (Judy A.) Powers, Lot 171 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $249,000.

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