Public Record

Marriage License

Nicole N. Thorson, 21, Webster to

Taylor A. Knott, 26, Webster.

Kianna T. McCown, 23, Brandenburg to Joshua A. Bucy, 23, Brandenburg.

Ockeihemia C. Banks, 39, Flaherty to

Terrance L. Carter, 35, Flaherty.

Melissa B. Hilligoss, 22, Brandenburg to Christopher L. Jones, 22, Augusta, GA.

Janet K. Gorin, 49, Brandeburg to

Charles E. Humphrey, 54, Brandenburg.

Ashley N. Bloomer, 25, Battletown to

Joseph A. Weick, 29, Battletown.


07/10: Janelle Grossman to Brady T. (Amber R.) Vessels, Lot 2 Audrey Powell Farm Division, $45,000.

William A. (Susan R.) Lancaster and Bradly (Angela S.) Lancaster to Patrick T. (Charlotte K.) Medley, Lancaster-Vowels Rd., Flaherty, 12.5062 acres, $98,000.

Steven W. (Karen M.) Aulbach to Bradley Harris, Parcel 7 and 8 Osborne Family Agriculture Plat, 12.644 acres, $105,000.

Estate of Gordon Board and Richardson Investments USA to Reta C. Annan, Tract 14 Creek View States, $22,500.

Dawn M. Haines to Brett (Shannon) Gardner, Lot 140 The Knobs, $25,000.

Joseph D. (Kelsey) Tyree to Ronald (Amanda A.) Jones, Molly Brown Rd., 1.188 acres, $187,000.

William N. (Samantha) Brumfield, Tract 35-A Wilson Place Subdivision, 0.99 acres, $39,170.71.

Jason L. Humphrey to David T. Bratt, Gaines Rd., Brandenburg, 2 acres, $39,900.

Mark E. (Patricia J.) Greenwell to Travis (Tara) Wilson, Lot 210 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $6,000.

Elizabethtown Properties to Thomas Giles and Hannah Diaz, HWY 376, Payneville, 0.35 acres, $115,000.

Jeffery D. (April) Zentz to Daniel W. (Kristy) Strickland, Lot 364 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $405,000.

Estate of William J. Johnson to Flip Remodeling, Lot 21 Huntington Place, Vine Grove, $100,000.

Brady T. (Amber R.) Vessels to Charles (Amy) Morris, HWY 376, 3.7 acres, $275,000.

07/14: W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed to Jason L. (Amy L.) Carr, Lot 40 Flaherty Heights, $44,500.

Jason L. (Amy L.) Carr to Kathleen L. Cannon, Lot 40 Flaherty Heights, $55,000.

Philip (Jessica) Barr to Andrew D. Steele, Battletown Rd., Brandenburg, 10 acres, $375,000.

Estate of Carole J. Andolina to Terry (Annette) Gribbons, Tracts 27 and 28 Robbins Estates, Vine Grove, $89,000.

Dean M. Hills, Jr. and Amber Hills to Leon E. (Cora M.) Honey, Jr., Lot 9 and 10 Carter Farm Section, Vine Grove, $284,000.

Jackie L. (Anita J.) Feemster to Trevor Whitworth and Erin Mosher, Lot 30 Rolling Meadows, $280,000.

07/15: Jason D. (Melissa S.) Stiff to Anthony (Michelle) Howard, Olin Rd., Brandenburg, 9.021 acres, $120,000.


07/09: Allyssa A. Thomas was traveling east on Y 144. She stated she looked off the road to adjust the HVAC controls and drifted off the road. She drove up an embankment and struck a Meade RECC utility pole.

07/10: Matthew S. Boyers was sitting at the red light on KY 1638 waiting to turn left. Alice M. Eldridge stated that she was going to turn onto KY 1638 from southbound KY 31W when her brakes went out, and she collided into Boyers. Deputy did not witness the collision.

07/10: Kenneth W. Staples’ vehicle was sitting in a parking space. James A. Anderson pulled up to the gas pumps and got out and went inside the store. Anderson’s vehicle started rolling forward and struck Staples’ vehicle. Anderson moved the vehicle back to the gas pumps and went in and out of the store a couple of times. Anderson stayed in the parking lot for a few minutes then left without saying or attempting to find the owner of the vehicle that was struck. The entire event was captured on surveillance camera. Collision is still under investigation.

07/12: Tyler J. Lambert and Imke Hess were sitting at the red light on KY 313 waiting to turn left onto KY 1638. Lambert stated that his foot slipped off the brake and he was unable to stop before colliding into the rear of Hess.

07/14: Kaysi J. Jupin stated that she had been having trouble with the starter on her vehicle. She stated she thought the vehicle was shutting down, over-corrected, crossed over centerline, and then turned over and landed on the driver’s side.

07/14: Tyler E. Stull stated, “It was my fault! I didn’t see him because the cab post on my truck blocked my view.” He was traveling south on Sirocco Rd. And Tye B. Williams was traveling north. Both units reached the 90-degree curve at 2143 sirocco Rd. At the same time and Stull stated he did not see Williams. The left front of both vehicles collided.

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