Public Record

Marriage License

Rita F. Krim, 29, Webster to

Justin T. Wright, 34, Webster

Rebecca L. Smith, 35, Brandenburg to

Melis Duratovic, 34, Brandenburg

Peyton M. Dillow, 20, Brandenburg to

Michael S. Collins, 22, Brandenburg

Megan N. Kendrick, 30, Lanesville, IN to Andrew S. Ragland, 37, Lanesville, IN

Megan E. Powers, 26, Hodgenville to

Charles L. Robinson, 29, Payneville

Jennifer M. Vowels, 48, Flaherty to

Robert A. Croan, 59, Harned


07/16: Pike & Tucker to Hyrum G. (Denise M.) Horn, Parcel 1 & 2 Hog Wallow Estates, 3.161 acres, $77,000.

Vondal G. (Theresa J.) Henry to Heather Cordova, tract 4 Rolling Meadow Subdivision, $267,500.

Charles D. (Tonia M.) Ebel to Jacob C. (Megan M.) Kunzler, Lots 16a & 17 Indian Oaks Subdivision, $432,000.

Michael R. Kupper to TE Property, Lot 259 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $5,000.

Brenda Morris to Laura A. Thomas and Donald L. Dewett, Jr., HWY 144, Flaherty, 0.726 acres, $385,000.

07/19: Dupin Enterprises to Loe C. (Nessa M.) Reynolds, Lot 45 & 46 Point Salem Development, $294,000.

07/20: Bradley W. (Melanie R.) Knott to Taylor A. Knott, 5.012 acres, Conveyance between parent and child.

07/21: John C. (Katrina K.) Farley to Tyler P. (Kalee M.) Stevenson, Lot 3 Point Salem Development, $220,000.

Tyler (Kalee) Stevenson to Tyler (Sarah) Pogue, Lot 58 Forest Ridge Estates, $238,000.

James P. ( Melissa) Bower to David (Bong) Russell, Tract 5a and 5b Fort Avenue, $120,000.

William A. Corbett, Jr. Estate to Jesse (Tiffany) Shively, Shot Hunt Rd., Flaherty, 0.953 acres, $340,000.

Patrick H. (Catherine E.) Jones to Jefrey A. (Sarah L.) Newberry, Tract 1 Tucker Property, 5.97 acres, $339,900.

Gregory J. (Claudia A. ) Korchnak to Darryl (Karaley) Lilienthal, Lot 218 Doe Valley Greens, $405,000.

Doe Valley Association to Cheryl J. Kelch, Lot 59 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $7,000.

Doe Valley Real Estate Corporation to Richardson & Crean Properties, intersection of HWY 933 and 1638, Brandenburg, 10.07 acres, $70,000.

Wesley M. (Malinda) Benham to James M. (Loren) Benham, Bethel Church Rd., 0.535 acres, $3,000.

Edd O. Davis to Donna K. Wright, Tract 17 Redmon Farm Division, US 60, love and affection.

Susan Embry to Melissa Embry-McRae, HWY 1736, 4.536 acres, love and affection for a child.

William J. Board to Franklin R. Blevins, Jr., Lot 6 & 24 Dead Horse Hollow Estates, 2.871 acres, $85,000.

07/22: Estate of Mary A. Hesler to Jason L. Humphrey, Lot 1 & 2 John D. Hesler Estate, 6.119 acres, $69,300.

Kelsey Elmore to Ashlee J. Davis, Parcel 6 Craycroft Estates, $133,000.

07/23: Dale P. (Lynn T.) Hicks to William D. Dye, Lot 6 Clara Lancaster Real Estate Plan, KY 313, 7.979 acres, $35,000.

James L. (Rebecca L.) Snyder to Charles P. (Lyndsay) Booth, HWY 1047, Battletown, 2.112 acres, $36,000.

Margarete H. Tinsley to Mary C. Barr-Ray, Lot 23 Foxboro Manor, $225,000.

Marty (Cathy) Claycomb to Michael L. (Carolyn A.) Link, Sr. to Richardson Rentals, Lot 6 Rosewood Estates, $64,900.

Michael P. (Elizabeth F.) Campbell to Roger (Susan) Siegel, Lot 190 Doe Valley Greens, $309,900.

Estate of Georgina K. McGehee to Michael S. Benham and Roy L. Smith, Old Mill Rd., $125,000.



07/09: Unit 1 was driving around the parking lot and struck the security light pole as Unit 1 was exiting the lot. The witness observed Unit 1 hit the pole and leave. The witness was able to give a description of the vehicle. [The deputy] observed marks on the road and followed the marks to the vehicle. Unit 1 was missing the front bumper and had damage consistent with the accident. Unit 1 was left abandoned near the end of the long driveway.

07/16: Debra J. Burdick stated that she was traveling on US 60 when a deer ran into her path. Debra J. Burdick stated that she was unable to avoid the deer and then got hit in the rear end. James W. Barrett stated that he had seen the deer run in to the path of Debra J. Burdick and tried to avoid Debra J. Burdick by turning to the right but was unable to do so. Debra J. Burdick also hd bikes on the back of the vehicle that sustained damage.

07/17: Unit 1 was traveling west on KY 428 at KY 79. Merideth A. Hubbard Robinson was traveling south on KY 79. Tina M. Basham was stopped at the stop sign at KY 428 heading east. Unit 1 failed to stop and yield the right of way to Merideth A. Hubbard Robinson. Unit 1 was struck by Merideth A. Hubbard Robinson. Unit 1 then spun and struck Tina M. Basham. The passenger of Merideth A. Hubbard Robinson was transported to the hospital for possible neck and back injuries.

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