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Public Record

Marriage License

Lisie M. Cooper, 31, Louisville to

James S. M. Spanjers, 32, Louisville


07/26: Robert. W. Griffith and Amelia S. Runyon to Clarkson Farm, Big Springs Rd., Vine Grove, $28,500.

Chris McGehee to Steve Redmon Construction, Lot 16 Valentine Farm Division, 1.326 acres, $32,500.

Chris McGehee to Steve Redmon Construction, Lot 12 Valentine Farm Division, 1.2 acres, $32,500.

Michael R. (Elizabeth G.) Russell to John T. (Megan L.) Storms, Crosier Bottom Rd., Battletown, Deed I-2.203 acres, Deed II-0.551 acres, $44,000.

Roger L. (Amy R.) Kearton to Sandra Bodner, Barr Rd., $17,000.

David G. (Lynette M.) Roth to Lori R. Hoene, Lot 134 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $189,900.

Johnnie (Deborah M.) Boston, Sr. to David (Velana) Barr, Lot 49 Rosewood Estates, $139,900.

Ruth Krota to David B. (Penny M.) Baugh, Lot 14 Trinity Heights Subdivision, $231,000.

07/27: Georgianna Eldridge to Robert M. (Terri R.) Bruce, Lot 9 Buckler Knobs, love and affection.

Rex (Rita) Tanner to Robert (Aimee) Fackler, Lot 368 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $1,000.

C.E. Smith & Sons Corp. to Samantha L. Fuqua, HWY 261, 0.92 agrees, $80,000.

Robert M. Carman to Timothey S. Duggins, Sr. and Micole R. Wheatley, McCrary Rd., #.562 acres, conveyance between parent and child.

Brad M. (Renea) Stout to John Dismang and Christina Melton, Jack Chappell Rd., Webster, Parcels 4, 5, 6, 13 of Chappell Farm, 26.453 acres, $127,000.

Brian A. (Whitley) Napier to Anthony J. (Kristin D.) Brahm, Lot 11A Margaret Mills Farm, Payneville, $238,500.

07/28: Daniel (Dawn B.) Cole to Norman (Dana) Dowell, Morgan Rd., Payneville, 14.159 acres, $70,795.

Steve Redmon Construction to Mark A. (Angie) Hall, Ritchie 2 Farm, 1.224 acres, $277,828.06.