Public Record

Marriage License

Alexa L. Helton, 29, Brandenburg to

Seth J. Dukes, 30, Brandenburg.

Sierra C. Watson, 18, Corydon, IN to

Dustin W. Hoskins, 23, Battletown.

Breanna P. Edwards, 22, Brandenburg to

Matthew H. Staples, 28, Battletown.

Michelle L. Arnold, 22, Vine Grove to

Benjamin W. Sipes, 21, Vine Grove.

Jennifer N. Brown, 37, Guston to

James M Abell III, 37, Guston.

Kerri B. Scano, 49, Celina, TX to

Phillip K. McClellan, 48, Salem, IN.

Carman A. Stevens, 49, Vine Grove to

Michael L. Rauch, JR., 47, Vine Grove.


08/13: James Crase and Mary Crase to Pike & Tucker, Lots 24, 25 Circle “K” Estates, $60,000.

Larry N. (Pamela L.) Powell to Heidi Haynes and Tara Benham, Weldon-Brandenburg Rd., 0.5193, 2.89 and 0.67 acres, love and affection for children.

Susan Embry to Melissa Embry-McRae, HWY 1736, 4.536 acres, love and affection for a child.

Michael D. (Teresa) Crouch to Terry (Robin) Giles, Sandy Hill Rd., 3.3 acres, $190,000.

Richardson Rentals to Jimmy L. (Tracey L.) Fey and Bernie M. (Lela M.) Fey, Lot 3B Staples and Brown Subdivision, Vine Grove, $69,900.

Jimmy L. (Tracey L.) Fey and Bernie M. (Lela M.) Fey to Cobb Resource Group, LOT 3B Staples and Brown Subdivision, Vine Grove, $67,500.

Estate of Mary Ann Hesler to Pamela A. McKnight and Bart A. Koehler, Milan Rd., 1 acres, $297,550.

08/16: Daniel N. (Kelly A.) Zola to Terry L. McDougal and Charlotte McDougal, Old Dixie HWY, $215,000.

Michael Staples to Jessica-Rae D. Hilyar, Unit 303, Building 3, Piping Rock Condos, Doe Valley, $90,000.

Doe Valley Association to Stephen M. (Ashley E.) Curtis, Lots 369, 370, 371 Doe Valley Greens, $25,000.

Thomas (Mary) Sparks to Gary P. Clemens, Lot 6 Forest Ridge Estates, Brandenburg, $110,000.

Christopher M. (Casey M.) White to Austin J. Ovington and Cassidy D. Lawson, Sand Ridge Rd., Vine Grove, 5.869 acres, $310,000.

08/17: Beverly Nichols to Arthur E. (April L.) Jimenez, Lot 432 Havenwood, Doe Valley, $450,000.

Patrick A. (Patty O.) Pierce to NKE Inc., HWY 60, Ekron, 1.671 acres, $450,000.

08/18: Brandenburg District Church of the Nazarene to Nathan (Ashley) Penn, Lot 17 Eastwood Hills, Brandenburg, $68,000.

08/19: Billy R. (Shannon C.) Brown to Jacob A. (Leighann R.) Griffin, Lots 6,7,8,9 Holston Estates, Muldraugh, $207,000.

AGLS to JSBB Properties, Moremen Rd., Brandenburg, 19.09 acres, $425,000.

Nancye Lynn to JJ Brothers, Moremen Rd., Brandenburg, 3 acres, $200,000.

The Estate of Curtis D. Fisk and Ruth Fisk to John W. (Penny C.) Robinson, Stony Point Rd., Rhodelia, 6 acres, $30,000.

08/20: Jeff Nott to Justin W. Barnett, Parcel 16 Walnut Ridge, $240,000.

Doe Valley Association to Brandon S. (Katie M.) Helmes, Lots 194 and 195 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $14,000.

Doe Valley Association to Shawn D. (Brenda J.) Hill, Lot 651 Glenoaks, Doe Valley, $4,000.

Doe Valley Association to Larry M. (Leticia M0 Hines, Lot 374 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $12,000.


07/26: Jessica M. Crow was traveling northbound on Miller Rd. Crow advised that she had just passed Dowell Rd. She advised that as she was going around the cure and observed another vehicle in her lane of travel coming towards her. She stated she drove off the roadway to avoid a head-on collision. It appears that Crow left the roadway on the right shoulder just before the curve. She continued traveling off the roadway and struck a tree.

08/06: Dennis K. Jones was traveling westbound on KY 1638. Lacyn S. Willis was stopped in the westbound lane of KY 1638 in front of Jones. Sarah L. Osborne was stopped in the westbound lane of KY 1638. Osborne stated she was stopped to make a left-hand turn onto Johnny Pack Rd. Osborne stated she saw Willis stop behind her then returned to looking for a break in traffic to make her turn. Osborne stated she then heard tires screech and then felt a bump.

Willis stated she had stopped because the vehicle in front of her was waiting to make a left-hand turn. Willis stated she saw Jones coming up behind her fast and realized that he was not going to stop. Willis advised she braced herself for impact and was rear-ended by Jones which spun her vehicle around and caused it to bump into Osborne. Jones stated that he looked down and did not see the other vehicles stopped on the road and did not have time to react.

08/13: Amy M. Phillips stated that she was traveling south on KY 933 when she observed a dump truck in a driveway across from Woods Dr. She stated that she thought the dump truck was going to pull out in front of her, so she steered to the left. She stated when she steered to the left, she exited the left side of the road, hit “Woods Dr.” signpost, crossed over Woods Dr., ran through yard décor in a house’s front yard and came to rest against the front wall of the residence.

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