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Public Record



08/09: Christopher R. Carrico was traveling southbound on Doe Valley Parkway East. He advised that as he was coming around the curve there was another vehicle that was partially in his lane of travel. Carrico tried avoiding the vehicle. He also stated that it was raining at the time of the accident. He advised that once his back tires left the roadway he was unable to get them back on the road. Witness Brandon Kleitz was driving another truck in front of Carrico. He advised that the vehicle nearly ran him off the roadway as well.

08/10: Brett A. Faulkner was traveling southbound on Rineyville R. Abigail M. Maness was traveling southbound on Rineyville Rd. in front of Faulkner. Faulkner advised that he saw Maness slowing down and thought that she was turning right. Faulkner advised as he began to pass Maness, she turned left. Maness advised that she slowed down to make a left turn. She advised as she was turning she saw Faulkner passing her on the left side. It appears that after Faulkner and Maness collided, Faulkner’s vehicle was over on its driver’s side. The vehicle traveled a short distance on its driver’s side before exiting the roadway. It appears that once Faulkner left the roadway, his vehicle bumper dug into the ground causing it to overturn.

08/11: Adam J. Bryant was traveling northbound on Knobs Rd. Bryant advised that there was a dog that had run out in front of him. Bryant advised that the dog had hit his leg. Bryant advised that he did not wreck his bike. Bryant advised that he does not know where the accident had occurred. He stated that he was unable to stop his motorcycle, so he coasted his bike until it stopped. The dog was located approximately half a mile from the accident scene. It appears that Bryant had stuck his leg out and kicked the dog. The dog had what appears to be a boot mark on the dog’s left shoulder. The dog had died due to the injuries. When Meade County Dispatch received the call, the caller advised that two male subjects were on scene. When the deputy arrived on scene, one male subject had left the scene. That male subject was identified as Andrew Harper. Several other neighbors had advised that Bryant and Harper had been speeding up and down the road. MC Dispatch advised that Bryant had a suspended motorcycle permit and his driver’s license was also suspended. Bryant was not able to provide insurance on the motorcycle. The motorcycle also did not have a license plate.

08/20: Shannon N. Smith was traveling west on KY 144. Cynthia H. Hirsch had traveled south on Smith Rd. and stopped at a stop sign to make a left turn onto KY 144. Hirsch stated that she looked both ways and did not see any traffic so executed a left turn from Smith Rd. onto eastbound KY 144 and that’s when Smith collided into the left side of Hirsch. Smith stated that Hirsch pulled out in front of Smith and that she was unable to avoid colliding into Hirsch.

08/20: Douglas A. Richardson was traveling northbound on KY 313. Margaret M. Board was traveling northbound on KY 313 behind Richardson. This deputy observed the accident. Richardson was observed slamming on his breaks causing another vehicle to rear end him. Once the deputy got turned around, he observed Richardson put his vehicle in reverse and back out onto KY 313. Also observed two vehicles swerve to miss colliding with Richardson. The deputy activated emergency lights and Richardson continued to leave, fleeing the scene Richardson rolled down his window and advised that he was leaving, he had to go and save someone’s life. Richardson refused multiple times to pull his vehicle off the roadway. Richardson did comply with commands. He advised that he was a doctor and was coming from Louisville, heading to Grayson County to save a life. He advised that he was looking for Dixie HWY. He advised that he knew he passed up Dixie HWY, so he put his vehicle in reverse and collided with the vehicle behind him. Board advised that Richardson had been driving very weirdly for a while. Board advised at one time Richardson was driving with his hazard lights on and that he just stopped in front of her and she could not avoid him.


08/23: James L. (Jade) Meadow to Clarkson Farm, Main St., Big Springs, 0.5 acres, $15,000.

Bernard F. (Virginia M.) McKinney to Keith A. McKinney, Shot Hunt Rd., Flaherty, 2.003 acres, love and affection.

Bernard F. (Virginia M.) McKinney to Jeffrey K. (Sarah E.) McKinney, Hobbs-Reesor Rd., Flaherty, 1.105 acres, love and affection.

United Land of America to Claycomb Investments, Lot 70 The Knobs, Vine Grove, $11,900.

08/24: Kelsey D. Ogle to Michael W. Staples, Lot 1 Meadowview Park, Brandenburg, $92,500.

Scott (Kim) Aleshire to Thomas W. (Debra K.) Gray, Lot 3 Circle S Heights, 1.02 acres, $330,118.