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Public Record

Marriage License

Alisha M. Cross, 26, Guston to

M. Daniel Millay, Jr., 26, Guston.

Rebecca L. Pike, 51, Summerfield, FL to

Kenneth R. Mattingly, 52, Summerfield, FL.

Deborah K. Howard, 60, Guston to

Robert R. Wilkins, 58, Guston.

Jennifer M. Carnley, 40, Corydon, IN to

Matthew A. Barnhill, 34, Corydon, IN.

Terri L. Booker, 21, Muldraugh to

Aaron W. Fortner, 24, Muldraugh.

Alan M. Toews, 23, Vine Grove to

Parker D. Davis, 24, Vine Grove.

Emily R. Chambers, 29, Vine Grove to

Dylan T. Jupin, 25, Vine Grove.


09/15: Estate of Mary E. Dowell to Ronald E. Dowell, Lot 3 Mary L. Dowell Farm, 19.149 acres, last will and testament.