Public Record

Marriage License

Alisha M. Cross, 26, Guston to

M. Daniel Millay, Jr., 26, Guston.

Rebecca L. Pike, 51, Summerfield, FL to

Kenneth R. Mattingly, 52, Summerfield, FL.

Deborah K. Howard, 60, Guston to

Robert R. Wilkins, 58, Guston.

Jennifer M. Carnley, 40, Corydon, IN to

Matthew A. Barnhill, 34, Corydon, IN.

Terri L. Booker, 21, Muldraugh to

Aaron W. Fortner, 24, Muldraugh.

Alan M. Toews, 23, Vine Grove to

Parker D. Davis, 24, Vine Grove.

Emily R. Chambers, 29, Vine Grove to

Dylan T. Jupin, 25, Vine Grove.


09/15: Estate of Mary E. Dowell to Ronald E. Dowell, Lot 3 Mary L. Dowell Farm, 19.149 acres, last will and testament.

Clay-Rho Enterprises to Marty Claycomb and Jennifer Rhodes, Tract 16 Ridgecrest, Brandenburg, 1.9707 acres, LLC owned by second parties transferring into their individual names.

Michael L. Kent to Zachary (Brandy) Haggard, HWY 228, Wolf Creek, 5.994 acres, $44,000.

Christina D. Stanton and Debbie A. Stanton to Brandon K. (Sylvia B.) Galeener, Lot 61 Rolling Hills, $301,000.

Michael (Michelle L.) Cox to Samuel E. Lupton, Lot 10 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $287,500.

James H. (Catherine S.) Letourneau to Andrew (Amber) Short, Lot 17 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $533,500.

09/16: Allen B. (Jennifer E.) Whitaker and Matthew H. (Catherine S.) Guenthner and Maria Taylor to Jennnifer E. Whitaker, HWY 228, Battletown, 5.065 acres, $60,804.95.

09/17: Dennis L. (Becky D.) Grant to Kenneth A. Hardesty, HWY 144, Payneville, 0.506 acres, $139,000.

Pike Rental Properties to Samantha Williams, HWY 144, Payneville, $164,900.

Joshua D. Medley to Marcus W. Potts, HWY 144, Garrett, 1.2203 acres, $216,000.

09/20: Estate of Mary E. Dowell to Ruth Scott, Lot 4 Mary L. Dowell Farm, 19.149 acres, last will and testament.

Nathan (Tia) Whelan to James R. (Rebecca J.) McQueen, HWY 823, 10 acres, $35,000.

Douglas (Wilma) Cornett to Lindsey C. Fackler, Atwill Street, Brandenburg, 0.206 acres, $170,000.

Ryan Jacob Miller-Cieslak and Kelsey Renea Trusty to Jonathan A. (Lauren H.) Carpenter, Lot 17 Margaret Mills Farm, 2.502 acres, $239,900.

James C. Godby to Walter D. (Hilary) Camphouse, Lot 13 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $397,000.

Russell W. (Anna F.) Roberts to Nicholas A. (Shannon) Roberts, Stringtown Road, Ekron, love and affection.

09/21: Jason L. Humphrey to Jason L. Carr, Gumwell Road, $160,000.

Doe Valley Association to Kim B. Stephens, Lot 910 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $2,000.

Sharon Martin to Justin W. Vance, Lot 142 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $199,000.

David W. Garrett to Shane D. Meadows, Lot 73 Medley Farm, Ekron, $117,500.

Estate of Betsey Jean Bratcher to Embry Properties and Investments, Chappell Road, 167.913 acres, $390,000.

09/22: Kevin Millay and Draya Lancaster to Melissa A. Coleman and Joshua P. Noblett, Sirocco and Payneville Road, Sirocco, 1 acres, $148,000.

The Roby Family Revocable Living Trust to Jason J. (Anastasia) Crist, Lot 17 Rolling Acres, Ekron, $358,000.

Nancy Davis and Chad (Wendy) Wingler and Kevin (DeeDee) Davis and Josh (Stephanie) Dohrer toMelissa J. Palmerton, Lot 12 and 13 Rosewood Estates, $160,000.

09/23: James R. Cundiff to Isaiah Satram and Daniel (Jennifer) Rhodes, Lot 98 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $6,000.

Ford Real Estate Investments to Hunter T. Robertson, East St., Ekron, $103,000.

Jason Humphrey to Jerry Luttrell, 21.056 acres, $89,900.


09/09: Angela S. Crabtree stated that a late 90s to early 2000s model gray suburban-looking SUV was traveling north on Joe Prather HWY directly in front of her and suddenly made an abrupt U-turn, Causing Crabtree to slam on her brakes to get stopped. Marissa D. Matthews stated she then had to slam on her brakes to get stopped so she did not collide into the back end of Crabtree’s vehicle. She stated that she was able to get stopped. Caitlin A. Perry stated that she was unable to get stopped before colliding into the rear of Matthews, causing the vehicle of Matthews to collide into the rear of Crabtree. All stated that the gray SUV left the scene after making the U-turn.

09/10: Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with a witness. The witness stated that he was following the motorcycle traveling north on Haysvillle Road when a vehicle traveling south on Haysville Rd. was making a left-hand turn onto Old State Rd. Lucas stated the motorcycle began to lose control as the back tire of the motorcycle lost traction “fishtailing,” then caught traction on the roadway causing both the driver and passenger to be thrown off the motorcycle. The witness stated that the motorcycle and vehicle did not make contact. The driver of the vehicle, Jennifer Tucker stated she was traveling south on Haysville Road and was making a left-hand turn onto Old State Road. Tucker stated that she had almost completed the turn when she noticed the motorcycle lose control, lay on its side and the driver/passenger were thrown from the motorcycle. Tucker stated that her Tahoe and the motorcycle did not make contact at any point during the accident. The driver of the motorcycle, Curtis R. Decker, stated he and his passenger on the motorcycle were traveling north on Haysville Road when he was approaching the intersection and observed a Tahoe making a left- hand turn. Decker stated that he began to brake to slow down, but lost traction with the back tire and began to slide. He stated at one point the motorcycle caught traction again, started to go down to the ground on the left side but turned and laid down on the roadway on the right side. Decker stated, at this point, is when he and the passenger were thrown from the motorcycle.

09/10: Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Jose Raman V. Gutierrez who stated he was traveling south on KY 313 approaching the intersection at the Brandenburg Connector. Gutierrez stated that Larry G. Luttrell pulled out in front of him while making a left-hand turn onto KY 313 from the Brandenburg Connector. Gutierrez stated he did not have enough time to react before colliding with Luttrell. Luttrell stated he was at the intersection of KY 313 and the Brandenburg Connector. Luttrell stated that he was making a left-hand turn when he was struck in the side by Gutierrez.

09/11: Stacy L McCandless was traveling east on KY 1638. Thomas R. Johnson was traveling west on KY 1638. Johnson stated that McCandless was driving without her headlights on, and he did not see her approaching before making his left turn. Johnson struck McCandless on the driver’s side. McCandless stated she was driving without her headlights on.

09/11: Keila G. Alvarez was traveling northbound on KY 79. Robert A. King was traveling southbound on KY 79. Alvarez and King struck as they passed, breaking the left side mirror of Alvarez’s vehicle. Both operators stated their vehicles were in the proper lane at the time of the collision.

09/13: A witness stated that the motorcycle was traveling south in front of her on KY 313 and was in the turning lane to make a right-hand turn on KY 144. She stated that the front wheel of the motorcycle appeared to have jerked which caused the motorcycle to lay over on its left side onto the ground. The driver of the motorcycle, Jason G. Pace stated that he really could not remember what happened. Pace stated that he remembered starting to make a right-hand turn but was not really clear of the events. There was a large scrape on Pace’s helmet from impact on the roadway. The face of the mask of the helmet had been dented as well from impact with the roadway. Meade County Dispatch notified the deputy that the license plate was canceled and the registration was expired. Pace could not produce insurance information stating that he had just canceled it. Pace was cited for both violations.

09/14: Quentin E. McCormack was traveling southbound on Old Ekron Road. A deer entered the roadway, causing McCormack to strike it.

09/14: Sherry B. Hillberby was traveling southbound on KY 376. She said that another vehicle was making a left turn from the lot of the St. Mary Church parking lot onto north KY 376. The vehicle struck the right side of Hillberby’s vehicle and then left the scene. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle. Hillberby stated the vehicle was an unknown make or model pickup. A flake of paint found on Hillberby’s vehicle was gray.

09/14: Wendy Bennett stated that she had been traveling north on Rhodelia Rd. and was going to make a left-hand turn into the parking lot of Cowboy’s Bait and Tackle and Feed Store. Bennett stated that she did not see Jason N. Benham and froze for a moment in the intersection. Bennett stated that Benham then struck her vehicle. Bennett produced a suspended Kentucky Operators License and was cited on scene. Benham stated he was traveling south on Rhodelia Rd. when Bennett turned in front of him. He stated that Bennett hesitated in the road while turning. He stated that he had no time to react and struck Bennett’s vehicle.

09/14: Jesse L. Clark stated that he and Zella A. Buerkle were traveling east on HWY 79. Buerkle started to pass him in the no passing lane. Clark stated that while Buerkle was passing him another car was approaching in the westbound lane. Clark stated that Buerkle then struck him in the driver’s side while still driving parallel. He stated he ran off the roadway to the right, attempted to correct, went across the median continuing to travel into the westbound lane running off the roadway to the left, striking some garbage cans (which were not damaged). Clark stated he again tried to correct his vehicle by steering back across the median before coming to a stop in a driveway. Buerkle stated she began to pass Clark in the passing zone. Buerkle stated that Clark began to speed up while she was attempting to pass. She stated that there was a vehicle approaching in the westbound lane, and she attempted to get out of the way striking the driver’s side of Clark. Buerkle stated she was almost clear of Clark at the time of the collision.

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