Public Record


10/08: Kimberly DeJesus to William T. (Chelsea N.) Sauls, II, Parcel 18 Hobbs Estates, Vine Grove, $220,000.

Mark R. (Emma) Singleton to Mathew T. (Samatha D.) Embry, HWY 144, Payneville, 2.3603 acres, $95,000.

10/11: William J. (Sara L.) Staubs to Kara A. Brady and Clay T. Sipes, LOT 6C-1 Thompson Hills Estates, $194,000.

Joseph S. (Devon J.) Vaught to Nicholas R. (Shae M.) Galbraith, Tract 5 Brown Estates, $195,000.

10/12: George K. (Naomi) Claycomb to Marty (Cathy) Claycomb, tract west of Ridge Crest Subdivision (40.6177 acres) and Lot 14 Ridge Crest Subdivision (2.1393 acres), Brandenburg, love and affection.

Equity Trust Company to Robert (Kathy) Adair, Lot 203 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $5,500.

T.E. Property to Robert (Kathy) Adair, Lot 206 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $259,000.

Michael Decker to Kenneth (Darla) Bolin, Lot 7 Rolling Heights, Brandenburg, $200,000.

BBURG, LLC to TMA Enterprises, Lot 82 The Station, $22,000.

BBURG, LLC to TMA Enterprises, Lot 89 The Station, $53,000.

10/13: Estate of Donnia J. Wright to Alex Mattingly, HWY 1238, Ekron, 3.11 acres, love and affection.

10/14: Kentucky Land Holding of Radcliff to A&B Sheeran Properties, Lot 1 Simpson Tracts, $29,000.

Cheryl Devine to Tammy Darnell, Lot 25 Rosewood Estates, Ekron, love and affection.

Susan A. Hardin to Jeff Nott, Lot 53 Carter Subdivision, $15,000.

Robbie Murray to Jeffrey D. (Susan C.) Livingston and Robert E. Cummings, Tract 4 Roy Robinson Farm, 2.73 acres, $259,600.

Robbie Murray to Joseph C. Clark, Tract 5 Roy Robinson Farm, 2.29 acres, $30,250.

Jeffrey D. (Susan C.) Livingston and Robert E. Cummings to Joseph C. Clark, Tract 4 Roy Robinson Farm, 2.73 acres, $270,000.

The Estate of Gordon Board to Richard (Alice J.) Wyatt, Lot 29 Robert Richardson Farm, 1.278 acres, $49,900.

Robert W. (Angela C.) Kyle to Louis (Carrie M.) Miles, Lot 60 Rolling Hills, $285,000.

JP Homes to Jacob Moore, Lot 39 Haynes Farm, $164,900.

10/15: Jacklyn A. Mantooth to Dustin L. Ray, Lots 10, 29 & 30 Huntington Place, $379,900.

Marriage License

Shyanne O. Critchfield, 23, Ramsey, IN to

Jacob A. Wooten, 23, Ramsey, IN

Priscilla A. Goodin, 68, Elizabethtown to

Ernest D. Goodin, 70, Elizabethtown

Raymie L. Greenwell, 28, Payneville to

Bradley D. Thomas, 37, Payneville

Marcella R. Osborne, 33, Vine Grove to

Dustin L. Ray, 44, Vine Grove

Angela N. Bradford, 24, Brandenburg to

William A. King, 29, Brandenburg

Darby R. Miller, 25, Ekron to

Alexander W. Hunt, 26, Ekron

Skyler J. McDaniel, 21, Brandenburg to

Timothy J. Sponable, 21, Ekron

Alexis P. Rodriguez, 23, Brandenburg to

Zachary J. Myers, 26, Radcliff


09/21: Joyce Rogers was parked in the parking lot of US 60 Smoke Shop. Security cameras showed a black SUV was backing out of a parking spot and collided with Rogers’ vehicle. The male driver exited the vehicle and looked at the damage. He then got back into his vehicle and left the parking lot.

09/23: Logan Gonzalez stated that he had made a right-hand turn from the Flaherty Connector Rd. onto KY 313. Gonzalez stated he did not see a vehicle approaching before he made the turn. He stated that Ashley N. Slayton came up behind him and rear-ended his vehicle. Slayton stated that Gonzalez pulled out in front of her as she was approaching the intersection at KY 313 and Flaherty Connector Rd. Slayton stated she then rear-ended Gonzalez. Gonzalez was cited for expired insurance and having no driver’s license.

09/24: Trinton L. Moran was traveling west on Midway Rd. Moran stated that he was close to the yellow line when he and Martin D. Webb sideswiped. Moran stated that both vehicles were close to the yellow line when the sideswipe occurred. Webb was travelling east on Midway Rd. Webb stated that Moran was slightly across the centerline and struck his vehicle on the driver’s side. Webb’s passenger stated that Moran was slightly across the centerline when he collided with Webb.

09/26: Jamison M. Groh stated that he was traveling on HWY 333 when a group of combines were coming towards him. Groh stated the ditch was steep and he could not get over when he stopped his vehicle. Groh stated the combine stopped next to him and He and the combine driver were exchanging words and the combine driver moved his ladder to get down and the ladder struck Groh’s truck. Groh followed the confines to the area they were combing and waited for police. Gerald J. Gavin stated he was in front of the combines with his flashers on traveling on HWY 333. Gavin stated that he was waving his hands at Groh when he approached the line of equipment signaling him to slow down and move over. Gavin stated that Groh stopped his vehicle and did not move over and one of the combines with dual front tires had stopped for a minute he assumed because he could not get by the truck. John J. Hager stated he was operating a combine on HWY 333. Hager stated that he encountered a truck stopped in the roadway and he tried to get over as far as he could. Hager explained that if his tire hangs off the side of the road and only one tire remains in contact with the ground the tire will break off. There was not enough room to get past the truck safely, so he stopped. Hager stated an argument ensued and he got back in the combine and continued to drive. Hager noticed the vehicle following him and called 911.

10/04: Justin L. Frazier stated he was traveling east on US 60 when Shahruze M. Hadley pulled out in front of him from McCrary Lane making a left-hand turn onto US 60. Frazier stated Hadley was not accelerating very fast and in order to avoid collision, he moved into the westbound lane to pass. He stated Hadley was in the middle of the roadway. He stated the rear passenger side tire made contact with the front driver’s side fender of Hadley due to being in the middle of the roadway. Frazier stated that Hadley sat and looked in the roadway before fully making the left-hand turn. Hadley stated he was making a left-hand turn onto US 60 from McCrary Lane. Hadley stated that Frazier began to pass him. Hadley stated that Frazier ran into his vehicle. Hadley stated that Frazier then ran him off the roadway into the front yard of a residence. There were tire tracks through the front yard.

10/06: Lindsey M. Hardesty was traveling on Cedar Flat Road. Hardesty was hauling water and went off the left hand side of the road into a ditch then hit a culvert and overturned.

10/08: Stephen D. Price was traveling southbound on Flaherty Rd. Price skidded off the left shoulder of the roadway and struck a utility pole. Price had a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and was unsteady on his feet. He stated he did not remember striking the utility pole. He was transported to Baptist Health Hardin. A witness stated he was traveling at a high rate of speed just prior to the collision.

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