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10/29: Gary S. (Sharon M.) Hinton to Craig A. (Rachel C.) Nevitt, Lot 10 Cambridge Farms, $395,000.

 Charles J. (Mary H.) Fackler to William R. (Susan B.) Fackler, Fackler Rd., Payneville, 41.25 acres, love and affection.

 Aaron R. (Katja S.) Johnston to Christopher M. Medley, Fackler Rd., Payneville, $130,000.

 Gordon Board and Bernett Board Trust Agreement to Dennis R. (Sharon F.) Hopkins, Lot 39A Circle K Estates, $1,500.

 Louis W. (Michele S.) Holston, Jr. To Curtis S. (Karyn B.) Rafferty, Lots 5 & 6 East Muldraugh Subdivision, $90,000.

 Pike Rental Properties to Clay-Rho Enterprises, Lot 95 Medley Farm, Ekron, $90,000.

 Martha McGehee to Christopher Rhodes, Summer Shade Lane, Brandenburg, 14.279 acres, $194,000.

 Jason A. (Sandra K.) Dupin to Andrew L. (Sarah Z.) Weller, Lot 5 Oakwood Subdivision, Brandenburg, 2.379 acres, $735,000.

11/01: James F. (Kelli B.) Brown to Jacob Sligar, Cherokee Road, Brandenburg, 5.005 acres, $250,000.

 United Land of America to Timothy Duff, Lot 32 Warren Place, $5,900.

 Travis M. Dalton to Andrew L. (Sharon L.) Ramsey, HWY 144, Payneville, 2.389 acres, $240,000.

10/02: Susan Harper to Lonnie J. (Kimberly N.) Hampton, II, Lot 170 Doe Valley Park Estates, $26,000.

 Amy C. Haynes, Jeffrey Haynes, Michael D. Chism, Emily C. Matthews, Russell Matthews, Daniel K. Chism, Tabitha Chism, Anna M. Medley and Bill Medley to Jammey (Colleen) Skaggs, HWY 376, Webster, 7.32 acres, $15,000.

 Nancy E Davis to Robert S. (Conner P.) Pabst, Charlie Pile Road, Guston, $240,000.

 Doe Valley Association to Joseph E. (Cheryl A.) Burns, Lot 913 Wildflower Ridge, $2,500.

 Doe Valley Association to Paul Stull Building & Remodeling, Lot 148 Doe Valley Park Estates, $10,500.

 Edwin L. (Becky M.) Pile to Adam J (Malings H.) Pile, Tract 10A, 2.028 acres, love and affection.

10/03: Jason (Danielle) Caswell, Brandon Alvey, Jamie Alvey and Kurt Henley to Megan R. McWilliams, Lot 32 The Knobs, $150,000.

 Alan E. Dean to Chelsea M. Santos, Tract 8 Rolling Meadows, Vine Grove, $146,000.


10/23: Rodney Ford stated that his right-side gate fence, wood, four board high, black in color was damaged. During the investigation, it revealed that an unknown person, operating an unknow tryp vehicle, traveling eastbound on HWY 933 lost control, exited the right shoulder of the roadway, side-swiped, and struck his fence and corner post then fled the area traveling in the same direction. Upon searching the area for broken/damage vehicle parts, pieces of the right front fender flare, mirror, mirror assembly, antenna and internal brackets were found.

 On 10/26, Chief Brian Haag (BPD) contacted the deputy and advised the possible vehicle was parked in the Kroger parking lot in Brandenburg. Upon arrival, contact was made with vehicle and driver, Gian Marcos Perez Rivera. Rivera stated that he had no knowledge of the accident, but he loaned the vehicle to his brother Jesus Reyes on Oct. 22. The 2021 Jeep Wrangler was impounded and towed to the Meade County Sheriff’s Office Impound Lot.

 The deputy conducted an interview of Jesus I. Reyes. During the interview, Reyes admitted to driving/operating the Jeep on Oct. 22. While going to his work, Nucor, utilizing his GPS traveling on HWY 933, he struck and damage tow section of a four-rail wooden fence and two wooden posts including the gate post. Reyes advised that he took his eyes off the roadway, while looking at his GPS, dropped off the right side of the road, and hit the fence and kept driving. He advised that he would pay for and repair the damage fence. Ford was contacted and advised of Reyes request to pay for and repair the damaged fence. Both parties agreed on the repair to be completed on Oct. 31.

10/25: Brian Pate stated that he was traveling north on HWY 313 behind Ronald W. Henry, and he observed Samantha C. Wise stopped with a blinker on waiting to turn onto Camelot Rd. Then Wise was hit from behind by Austyn B. Denner, causing the vehicle to spin into oncoming traffic where Henry struck Wise, and Wise spun off the roadway and Henry stopped at the edge of the roadway north of Camelot Rd.

Austyn B. Denner stated that he was traveling south on HWY 313 behind a white pickup truck and a US Postal van. Then, the USPS van was well ahead of them and had stopped in the roadway to make a left turn onto Camelot Rd. The white truck in front of him suddenly turned and drove into the grass on the side of the road to avoid hitting the USPS vehicle. When the pickup turned off there was no time for Denner to stop the vehicle and he collided with the USPS vehicle. The USPS vehicle moved into the oncoming lane of traffic and was struck by the green pickup.

10/25: Joshua A. Williams stated he was traveling east on HWY 60 when he observed the other vehicle pull out from Thompson Lane. Williams stated he was traveling at the posted speed limit and knew he wasn’t speeding because of the weather and the roads being wet. He stated he observed the other vehicle pull out from Thompson Lane and strike his truck on the driver’s side. When this happened, it pushed his truck off the roadway and into the grass. James E. Short stated he was stopped at the stop sign on Thompson Lane. He attempted to cross HWY 60. He said he did not see any vehicles and believed he was clear to cross the highway and then made contact with a vehicle. After making contact with the vehicle, Short ended up off the roadway and in the grass as well.

10/27: Kristi A. Pike stated that she was traveling south on KY 313. Pike stated as she approached Buffalo Spring Lane a deer had entered the roadway in front of her. She stated she could not avoid colliding with the deer.

10/28: Delores C. Burden stated she and her husband, Richard L. Burden, who was the driver, were at the intersection of Flaherty Rd. and KY 313 waiting to make a right-hand turn onto KY 313. Delores stated she and Richard were monitoring traffic in order to make the right-hand turn. She stated there was a vehicle in the turning lane traveling south on KY 313. She stated she and Richard began to ake the right-hand turn when they struck Clayton T. Howard in the passenger side door. She stated due to the vehicle in the turning lane traveling south that was obstructing the view, that they did not see Howard and thought it was clear to proceed with the turn. Richard stated that there was a vehicle in the turning lane and the view of other traffic was obstructed.

10/31: Bryan D. Reece reported that he was traveling north on Fort Ave. when his passenger’s side tire left the roadway on the right side of the road, he overcorrected and entered the ditch on the left side of the road. He then overcorrected to the right to get back to the roadway and avoid hitting the telephone poles and his vehicle overturned and landed on the roadway.

Marriage License

Patrizia M. Benkel, 31, Leichlingen, Germany to

Eric A. Kieslich, 36, Battletown

Megan E. Aebersold, 26, Brandenburg to

Bradley G. Sonner, 26, Battletown

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