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Public Record


10/29: Gary S. (Sharon M.) Hinton to Craig A. (Rachel C.) Nevitt, Lot 10 Cambridge Farms, $395,000.

 Charles J. (Mary H.) Fackler to William R. (Susan B.) Fackler, Fackler Rd., Payneville, 41.25 acres, love and affection.

 Aaron R. (Katja S.) Johnston to Christopher M. Medley, Fackler Rd., Payneville, $130,000.

 Gordon Board and Bernett Board Trust Agreement to Dennis R. (Sharon F.) Hopkins, Lot 39A Circle K Estates, $1,500.

 Louis W. (Michele S.) Holston, Jr. To Curtis S. (Karyn B.) Rafferty, Lots 5 & 6 East Muldraugh Subdivision, $90,000.

 Pike Rental Properties to Clay-Rho Enterprises, Lot 95 Medley Farm, Ekron, $90,000.

 Martha McGehee to Christopher Rhodes, Summer Shade Lane, Brandenburg, 14.279 acres, $194,000.

 Jason A. (Sandra K.) Dupin to Andrew L. (Sarah Z.) Weller, Lot 5 Oakwood Subdivision, Brandenburg, 2.379 acres, $735,000.

11/01: James F. (Kelli B.) Brown to Jacob Sligar, Cherokee Road, Brandenburg, 5.005 acres, $250,000.

 United Land of America to Timothy Duff, Lot 32 Warren Place, $5,900.

 Travis M. Dalton to Andrew L. (Sharon L.) Ramsey, HWY 144, Payneville, 2.389 acres, $240,000.

10/02: Susan Harper to Lonnie J. (Kimberly N.) Hampton, II, Lot 170 Doe Valley Park Estates, $26,000.

 Amy C. Haynes, Jeffrey Haynes, Michael D. Chism, Emily C. Matthews, Russell Matthews, Daniel K. Chism, Tabitha Chism, Anna M. Medley and Bill Medley to Jammey (Colleen) Skaggs, HWY 376, Webster, 7.32 acres, $15,000.

 Nancy E Davis to Robert S. (Conner P.) Pabst, Charlie Pile Road, Guston, $240,000.

 Doe Valley Association to Joseph E. (Cheryl A.) Burns, Lot 913 Wildflower Ridge, $2,500.

 Doe Valley Association to Paul Stull Building & Remodeling, Lot 148 Doe Valley Park Estates, $10,500.

 Edwin L. (Becky M.) Pile to Adam J (Malings H.) Pile, Tract 10A, 2.028 acres, love and affection.