12/11: Jason (Melissa) Stiff to Jennifer (Daniel J.) Rhodes, lot 18 Eastwood Hills, Brandenburg, $78,000.

Anthony D. Janes to James K. (Leslie A.) Leanhart, Old State Road, Brandenburg, $139,900.

12/14: Melanie D. Parker to Patricia A. (Bryan N.) Redmon, lot 100 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $2,900.

Jason Humphrey to Isaac I. (Amy) Douglas, lot 63 Rosewood Estates, Vine Grove, $15,000.

12/15: Sean P. (Marcia V.) McChesney to James D. (Sheila L.) Stout, lots 6 & 7 Marjorie Hardesty Farm Section, 10.897 acres, $40,000.

Donald B. (Paula K.) Fowler to Eduardo (Arcelia) Bravo, lot 131 Doe Valley Park Estate, $170,000.

Jeffery A. (Joyce) Nott to Brian K. (Michelle) Ziegler, lot 3 Gabe Estates, 2.293 acres, $222,000.

12/16: Steven L. (Sharon J.) Holland to Taylor L. (Elizabeth) Williams, lot 28 Rosewood Estates, $142,500.

Debra L. Carney to Chales V. Martin, Flaherty-Big Spring Road, Vine Grove, $45,000.

Jason T. (Crystal D.) Logsdon to Sandra Martinez, lots 499 & 500 Doe Valley Greens, $172,500.

WCM Land, LLC to Steve Redmon Construction, Inc., Ritchie 2 Farm Division lot 5A, Ekron, 1.224 acres, $32,000.

12/18: Grandvial H. (Peggy H.) Quick to Keith Smith, lot 684 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $14,000.

Etta E. Stewart to Monica L. (Gary W.) Williams, Jr., Haysville Road, Ekron, 1 acre, $221,000.

Monica L. (Gary W.) Williams, Jr. to Charles F. (Peggy) Trent, Sr., lot 15 Green Acres Subdivision, Guston, 3.01 acres, $111,500.

U.S. Bank Trust to Harrell L. Miller, Molly Brown Road, Brandenburg, 9.896 acres, $89,015.85.

Travis L. (Tara D.) Wilson to Steven L Farler, tract 4 Brown Estates, $129,000.

Pike & Tucker, LLC to David W. (Jennifer N.) Wright, Midway Road, 11.006 acres $89,500.

12/21: Steve Redmon Construction, Inc. to Jeffrey L. (Joan R.) Thomas, parcel 4 Dixie Capps Minor Plat, 1.521 acres, $32,000.

Fannie Mae to Nathan Fortwengler, Woodland Rd., Vine Grove, $139,000.

Dixie M. Capps to Steve Redmon Coonstruction, Inc., Parcel 3 of dixie Capps Minor Plat, 1.51 acres, $26,225.

Bruce A. (Rhonda) Nichols to Martina R. Carman, lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18 St. Martin’s Addition, Flaherty, $33,500.

Cedar Hill Properties, LLC to Sean R. (Samantha) Yocom, lot 6 Peaceful Valley Subdivision, Hobbs Reesor Rd., Vine Grove, $174,000.

12/22: Jeffrey A. (Joyce) Nott to Jeffrey A. Nott, HWY 313, 3.093 acres, conveyance between husband and wife.

Gerald L. Mattingly to Donnie M. Shirley, parcel 3 & 4 Marjorie Hardesty Farm section 2, 10.904 acres, $45,000.

12/23: Ronald R. (Millicent H.) Thomas to John S. (Carmen D.) Gibson, lot 42 &43 Primrose Estates, 3.156 acres, $30,000.

Tevis McCauley to Richard L. (Mary F.) Stansbury, Battletown Road, Battletown, 10.455 acres, $36,429.43.

O’Bryan-Cornett Properties, LLC to OB Prop, LLC, lot 32 River Cliff Subdivision, $12,500.

Whitetail Heaven Outfitter, LLC to Tevis McCauley, Battletown Rd., Battletown, 10.455 acres, $150,000.

Robert J. Umstead to Michael (Judith) Hart, Sandridge Rd., Vine Grove, 4.56 acres, $30,000.

Jeffrey E. (Frances L.) Springer to Elvira Reyes, Shot Hunt Rd. Vined Grove, 4 acres.

Stull’s Country Store & Feed Room, LLC to Stull’s Grocery, LLC, Concordia Rd., Payneville, 0.745 acres, $80,000.


*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law*




12/30: Caro S. Ford, 50, Vine Grove, failure to appear; fraud use of credit card $10,000 or more; theft by unlawful taking or dip all others $10,000 or more but u/ $1,000,000; serving parole violation warrant.

12/30: Zachary P. Boulerice, 28, Muldraugh, violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO; criminal abuse 1st degree - child 12 or under; possession of marijuana; drug paraphernalia - buy/possess.

01/01: Anthony D. Hoffman, 25, Irvington, alcohol intoxication in a public place - 1st & 2nd offenses.

01/02: Joseph N. Brown, 36, Owensboro, drug paraphernalia - buy/possess; operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license; possession controlled substance, 1st degree, 1st offense (methamphetamine); failure to appear x3.

01/06: Brett P. Terry, 38, Ekron, violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO.



12/31: William P. Duke, 22, Brandenburg, reckless driving; failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; no registration receipt; no registration plates; operating on suspended or revoked license; failure to appear.



12/31: Zachary P. Boulerice, 28, Muldraugh, violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO.



01/01: Jennifer L. Hutchison, 40, Irvington, leaving scene of accident - failure to render aid or assistance.



01/07: Jefferson Edward L. Swink, 41, Hardinsburg, non-payment of court costs, fees or fines; saving bench warrant for court.

01/07: Aaron M. Roth, 37, Vine Grove, serving bench warrant for court x2.




01/05: Adrian M. Miller, 20, Hardinsburg, manslaughter, 2nd degree.




12/12/2020 – James W. Black was traveling on Doe Valley Parkway E and he stated that was going around a curve on the wrong side like he always does, and Jerrica L. Awbrey was coming the other direction. James W. Black tried to swerve to miss Jerrica L. Awbrey but was unable to do so. After colliding with Jerrica L. Awbrey, James W. Black continued and ran off the roadway into the woodline. James W. Black was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle under the influence and Failure to maintain insurance… Deputy did not witness the collision.

12/15/2020 – Upon arrival, deputy made contact with Dana L. Cavanagh the driver of Amanda L. Webb. Cavanagh stated she was traveling south on Midway Road and making a left hand turn east onto Haysville Road. Cavanagh stated she had stopped at the stop sign and was not paying attention when she made the turn. Cavanagh stated she turned in front of Unit 2.

The deputy then spoke with Clifford F. Garrett the driver of Unit 2. Garrett stated he was traveling east on Haysville Road when Cavanagh pulled out in front of him. Garrett stated he was in the intersection and unable to stop before striking Cavanagh.

12/17/2020 – Amanda L. Webb and Barbara A. Holesapple-Yates were traveling on KY 313 (Joe Prather Highway). A witness stated that Amanda L. Webb was driving all over the roadway and almost struck the guardrail. The witness slowed down and she stated that Amanda L. Webb took off at a high rate of speed and collided into the rear of Barbara A. Holesapple-Yates. Amanda L. Webb was charged with Operating a motor vehicle under the influence (DUI) and 2 counts of wanton endangerment 2nd degree. Deputy did not witness the collision.

12/22/2020 – Doris E. Jenkins was traveling on KY 228 (Battletown Road). Ronnie E. Patton was pulling out from the stop sign on Pine Ridge Road onto KY 228 heading toward Brandenburg. Ronnie E. Patton stated that he did not see Doris E. Jenkins due to the glare of the sun, and collided into the side of Doris E. Jenkins. After Ronnie E. Patton struck Doris E. Jenkins, Doris E. Jenkins continued losing control, overturning, and then went into the ditch and struck a utility pole. Deputy did not witness collision.

12/26/2020 – Upon arrival, observed a vehicle which exited the right side of roadway, ran through a field fence, and struck a tree, causing both driver and passenger airbags to deploy. Made contact with the driver, Lawrence B. Hardesty who refused medical attention, detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Lawrence’s person. Conducted a series of field sobriety tests to include the Horizontal Gaze nystagmus, Walk and Turn, and One-Legged stand. During each test, Lawrence failed to follow instructions and failed each test. Lawrence was arrested and transported to the Meade County Sheriff’s Office where he was read the Implied Consent Warning which we waived and submitted to a breathalyzer test.

Breath – 0.155

Hardesty appeared to be traveling West on KY 1692 (Fairgrounds Rd) when he lost control, exited the right side of roadway, ran over a mailbox and trash can, ran through a field fence, and struck a tree, causing both driver and passenger airbags to deploy. Hardesty stated he just left a party and had drunk about 4 beers.

12/27/2020 – Daniel J. Livermore stated that he thought he was on a different road. When he came to the end of the road, he was unable to stay in control of his vehicle and struck a mailbox and a brick wall. Deputy did not witness the collision.

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