Public Record


11/19: John M. (Angela B.) Broadus to Andrew (Sarah) Ellis, Stringtown Road, Guston, 19.07 acres, $439,000.

11/22: Robert L. (Molly J.) Rosengarn, III to Brittani A. Spink and Gaylon D. (Belva L.) Laney, Lot 12 Wesley Guy Farm Division, $179,900.

 Gordon Board and Bernett Board Trust Agreement to Rick Colasanti, Lot 50 Jennings Knob, Vine Grove, $35,000.

 Rick (Karen) Colasanti to Scott (Tiffany) Cochran, Lot 50 Jennings Knob, Vine Grove, $61,000.

 Steve Redmon Construction to Tobin (Kristin) Whobrey, Lot 17 Valentine Farm, Ekron, $250,960.69.

 Sheila D. Brown to Brian A. Wilson, Lot 21 Carter Subdivision, Vine Grove, $91,000.

 Mary F. Harbison to Nathaniel (Elizabeth) Esau, Lot 347 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $270,000.

 Bob M. (Vanessa R.) Rigsby to Peggy S. Hayes, Lots 23 & 24 Otter Ridge Estates, $225,500.

 Randall (Gloria) Benham and James K. (Rachel) Benham to Randall (Gloria) Benham and Kevin (Jolie C.) Kolander, Olin Road, Brandenburg, transfer between husband and wife and parents and a child.

 Randall (Gloria) Benham and James K. (Rachel) Benham to Kevin (Jolie C.) Kolander, Olin Road, Brandenburg, 1.997 acres, love and affection.

11/23: Edie D. Jones to Sean Hagan, Doe Valley Road, Brandenburg, $28,000.

 Simon G Chapman to Steven (Cheryl) Glenn, Tract 41 Robbins Estates, Vine Grove, $150,000.

 James H. (Betty S.) Hardesty to Gary M. (Jacqueline S.) Flaherty and Eric W. (Carrie E.) Filburn, Sirocco-Midway Road, love and affection.

 Thompson Family Trust to Kayla L. Simmons, Arnold School Rd., Payneville, 1.282 acres, $5,000.

 Timothy J. (Teresa M.) English to Timothy J. (Teresa M.) English, Lot 4 English Subdivision, Brandenburg, love and affection.

11/24: Estate of Joseph A. Whelan to Frederick J. (Phyllis A.) Cundiff, Unit 3B River Cliff Patio Homes, Brandenburg, $253,000.

Shawn D. (Falba R.) Lee to Natalie A. Boone, US 60, 3.53 acres, $30,000.

 Jeremy J. (Andrea M.) Ziller to Sebatino (Martina) Silvestri, Mills Road, Ekron, 1.2 acres, $245,000.

 Steve Redmon Construction to Robert T. (Melinda D.) Rios, LOT 16 Valentine Farm, Ekron, $270,000.

 Steven (Donna) Dennison to April Yedinak, Rolling Hills Road, Vine Grove, $238,500.

 Joseph L. (Cheyanne L.) Snider to Michael D. (Allyssa J.) Hough, Tract 25 Parkview Estates, Vine Grove, $230,000.

 Michael L. (Melissa) Pickett and Sue C. Cummings to Steven G. (Heather B.) Allen, Lots 12 & 13 English Estates, $27,000.

 George J. (Paula G.) Silva to James D. (Kimberly L.) Ritchie, Lot 9 Trinity Heights Subdivision, $324,900.

 T.E. Property to Every D. Scranton, Lot 328 Greenbriar, Doe Valley, $415,000.


 11/09: Cameron D. Roberson was traveling east on US 60. A witness stated Roberson was weaving and crossing the centerline for several miles. Just prior to the accident, Roberson drove into the westbound lane with traffic approaching in the distance. The witness stated that Roberson drove back into the eastbound land and drove off the roadway. When Roberson drove off onto the right shoulder, he overturned at least one revolution down an embankment. He came to final rest on the passenger side up against some trees. The witness, EMS and firefighters all advised the driver was partially ejected. The driver was found with his upper body lying outside the rear of the vehicle, with his legs still inside the vehicle. The driver appeared to be unresponsive and in very serious condition. He was airlifted to the hospital.

11/10: Tracey Chapman stated that she was sitting at the traffic light facing east on the Dollar Store side at the intersection of KY 1638 and KY 313. Chapman stated the traffic light turned green, and she was monitoring a vehicle facing west making a left turn onto KY 313. Chapman stated she looked left and noticed a truck traveling south approaching the intersection at what she believed was a high rate of speed in the lane closer to the painted white line of the roadway. She stated the truck continued approaching the intersection, swerved to the right engaging the brakes at the intersection, and struck the vehicle that was sitting behind her. Dylan C. Shaw stated he was traveling south on KY 313 and was approaching the intersection of KY 313 and KY 1638. He stated he started braking (6 times engaging brakes) approximately at Tony Brown Chevrolet but his brakes failed not slowing his vehicle down in preparation to stop. He stated as he approached closer to the intersection he swerved right and collided with John R Thomas’ vehicle that was facing east at the traffic light. Shaw stated numerous times that the brakes would not engage in order to slow him down to stop. Thomas stated he was facing east at the traffic light behind another car. He stated the light had turned green and the car in front of him was waiting for a car on the opposite side of the intersection to turn. He stated he looked to his left and saw Shaw traveling south on KY 313 at what he believed to be a high rate of speed approaching the intersection. Thomas stated as Shaw got closer to the intersection, he swerved to the right, “locking up the brakes,” then collided with Thomas.

11/12: Kerstin E. Nevitt stated she was traveling east on HWY 79 in a line of traffic behind Rodger G. Brinson. She stated she was approaching the intersection of HWY 79 and KY 144 and was unsure if Brinson was going to make a left turn onto KY 144 or stop in traffic. She stated she collided into the rear end of Brinson’s vehicle. Brinson stated he was traveling east on HWY 79 in a line of traffic. He stated that he was approaching the intersection, and the vehicle in front of him signaled and had stopped to make a left turn onto KY 144. Brinson stated that Nevitt then collided into the rear end of his vehicle.

11/12: Daniel L. Deforrest stated that he was traveling west on KY 1638 in a line of traffic. He stated that the line of traffic began to brake as they were approaching the curve before Garnettsville Cemetery Road. Deforrest stated he began to brake and an unknown vehicle who was traveling behind him collided with the rear end of his vehicle. He stated the vehicle then turned around on KY 1638 in the east land and left the scene.

11/12: Upon arrival, the deputy noticed a vehicle off the roadway in a fence row resting on its roof. The driver, Timmy L. Kennedy was possibly trapped inside the driver’s compartment when the call came in. Kennedy stated he was traveling west on Battletown Road when he was approaching the curve and swerved to miss a deer in the roadway. Kennedy stated he left the roadway to the left and the truck flipped onto its roof. Battletown Fire stated Kennedy had a laceration on his head that was bandaged. MED 3 transported Kennedy to University of Louisville Hospital for further treatment. Kennedy’s information was given to Meade County Dispatch. Dispatch stated that Kennedy was a non-licensed driver. He stated that the reason he was driving was to get to work. He was advised not to be driving if he is a non-licensed driver. No proof of insurance or registration receipt was provided.

11/15: Anna R. Troutman was traveling eastbound on KY 1638. She traveled off the right shoulder of the roadway and struck a rock wall.

11/17: Anthony L. Woods was traveling westbound on KY 1638 behind Jay R. Burke. Burke observed an eastbound vehicle commit a moving violation. Burke slowed down and turned on his emergency equipment and started making a u-turn. Woods started driving to the left of Burke, failed to yield, and struck Burke in the rear of the City of Muldraugh emergency vehicle he was driving.

11/22: Juliarose F. Shacklett stated she was traveling east on Flaherty Road. She stated she stopped at the stop sign and there were two cars turning onto Flaherty Road from HWY 313, and she pulled out into the intersection and collided with Charles R. Rambo who was traveling south on HWY 313. Due to the vehicles in the turn lane, she was unable to see the vehicle that was not turning. Charles R. Rambo stated he was traveling south on HWY 313 when Shacklett pulled out from Flaherty Rd. He stated he swerved to avoid hitting her, but she still made contact with the rear side of his vehicle and he spun around and collided with the guard rail.

Marriage License

Billy Scott Shepperd, 52, Falmouth, KY to

Darold Allen Fraley, 27, Falmouth, KY

Lindsey Redmon Mattingly, 30, Brandenburg to

Nicholas Ryan Gifford, 26, Brandenburg

Jessica Kay Decker, 33, Brandenburg to

Adam Matthew Turner, 33, Brandenburg

Hayley Delaine Louise Gaskins, 22, Radcliff to

William Joseph Sine, 30, Radcliff

Kaylee Jo Compton, 24, Brandenburg to

Tyler Edward Stull, 27, Brandenburg

Katherine Elizabeth Stout, 19, Muldraugh to

Jacob Alexander Fields-Wright, 21, Muldraugh

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